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Find the proof and end the suspense. Success starts with an evaluation of your evidence, document, or artifact. Learn what to do for a reliable expert opinion based on scientific standards. Court-qualified forensic and rebuttal witness. Established and trusted since 1992. Accredited by the Board of Forensic Document Examiners, Ms. Joseph is one of 16 worldwide board-certified document examiners. Serving Oregon, Pacific Northwest, and worldwide.

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Link Composing the Expert’s Report: Factors for Compliance with Federal Rule 26(a)(2)(B)

The recently amended Rule 26 is the result of a proposal made by the Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure. Approved by Congress, it became effective on December 1, 2010.

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Link Learn About My World of Forensic Investigations

Handwriting and document forensics have been my specialty and passion for 20 years. I continue to be fascinated by this work…no two cases are ever alike! Forensics can be used to help people protect their assets, their reputation, and their peace of mind. My consultations combine handwriting expertise and forensic science in order to find the truth about who wrote, or who didn’t write something suspicious, malicious, libelous or otherwise disturbing.

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Link Checklist of Suspicious Features

If you have a suspicious document or handwriting, any or all of these clues should alert you to the need for a document examiner.

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Link Red Flags When Evaluating Medical Records

When you have what you regard as a suspicious record or handwritten entries, the following clues should alert you to the need for a document examiner and/or handwriting expert.

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Link Field Examination Performed “By Proxy”

My dilemma revolved around limitations pertaining to the original document bearing the questioned signature: time and location.

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