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Forensic Firearms Consultant and Expert Witness

James M. Gannalo - Stria Consulting Group

P.O. Box 367
Brooklyn, New York 11228

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James M. Gannalo leads Stria Consulting Group Inc., formed by a team of highly experienced consultants and training coordinators who are former members of the NYPD Crime Laboratory with many years of experience in a variety of forensic fields. Each has been recognized as an expert in their fields and have been court qualified in a number of different jurisdictions.

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Articles Published by James M. Gannalo - Stria Consulting Group

Link Protection Failure Analysis of an Armored Toyota SUV

Using practical shooting reconstruction techniques, the authors successfully determined the cause of a shooting injury in an armored civilian vehicle in Iraq. Determining the reason for the vehicle’s armor failure was considered paramount to address safety concerns for allied military personnel. This information was used to improve safety in vehicles destined for military and civilian service in Iraq and the Afghanistan theatre.

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