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Jane Gray Associates, LLC

Jane Gray Associates, LLC

6045 Kentigern Court N.
Dublin, Ohio 43017

Phone(614) 975-1997


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Dr. Gray has extensive training and experience in the areas of premises liability and negligent hiring and retention. Her specific area of expertise resides in identifying the foreseeability of crime using a number of techniques, including evaluating the environment as would a criminal offender. Dr. Gray has interviewed hundreds of violent offenders in an effort to understand how they select locations for the commission of crime and has testified in numerous cases involving the foreseeability of criminal acts.


Dr. Gray has assessed the foreseeability of crime in cases involving premises liability, mass shootings and other violent crimes, and negligent hiring and retention. These cases involved criminal acts occurring at the following locations:

Movie theaters
Apartment buildings
Fast food outlets
Convenience stores
Parking facilities
Mental health facilities
Educational facilities
Shopping centers/Malls
Music festivals and concerts

Litigation Support Services

Dr. Jane Gray, Ph.D. provides expert testimony in cases involving premise liability and negligent hiring and retention by evaluating the foreseeability of crime. She does this by using her knowledge and research regarding decision-making by offenders as well as identifying and examining the correlates of crime that are relevant to each case.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Foreseeability of Criminal Events; Violent Crimes; Decision-making by Criminals


Dr. Gray has consulted with a number of public and private agencies as well as attorneys on matters concerning social science research in general, and criminal/deviant behavior in particular. With respect to her legal consulting, her area of expertise resides in identifying the foreseeability of crime largely by evaluating the environment as would a criminal offender. Her extensive research and experience with prison inmates provides the necessary framework for determining how offenders estimate their risk of criminal apprehension and the likelihood of a successful criminal outcome.

Over the past few years, Dr. Gray has been retained in four prominent mass shooting cases and has developed a particular expertise in this area. Her focus is on the foreseeability and preventability of mass shootings and other violent crimes

Jane Gray received her Ph.D. from Ohio State University in Sociology/criminology in 1988. Since then, she has taught at Florida State University, Ohio State University, and Capital University in Columbus, Ohio where she holds the rank of Professor Emeritus in the Department of Behavioral Sciences.

Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio - Senior Lecturer (2005 - retired 2015)

Capital University, Columbus, Ohio - Professor Emeritus (2002 - present)

Capital University, Columbus, Ohio - Chair, Department of Behavioral Sciences (2000-2001)

Capital University, Columbus, Ohio - Associate Professor, Criminology (1993-2001)

Capital University, Columbus, Ohio - Assistant Professor, Criminology (1988-1992)

Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida - Assistant Professor, Criminology (1987-1988)

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio - Adjunct Professor, Prison Program (1987-1991)

Dix & Eaton, Figgie Crime Report, Offender Risk Perception (1987)

Consulting Practice

All States including Puerto Rico

Professional Experience

Taylor/Anderson, LLP
Denver, CO 80202
Mass Shootings Premises Liability (2015, 2017 and 2018)

Provost Umphrey, LLP
Houston, TX
Premises Liability (2017)

Mullins & MacMillan, P.A.
Kansas City, MO
Premises Liability (2017)

Spiros Law
Champaign, IL
Negligent Hiring and Retention (2017)

Taxman, Pollack, Murray & Bekkerman
Chicago, IL
Negligent Hiring and Retention (2017)

O'Connell & Aronowitz
Albany, NY
Premises Liability (2017)

Irwin, Carmichael, Fraley, LLP
Centennial, CO
Premises Liability - (2017)

Fulmer, LeRoy & Albee, PLLC
Orlando, FL
Prmises Liability (2016)

Shutts & Bowen, LLP
Orlando, FL
Premises Liability (2016)

Wegman, Hessler & Vanderburg
Cleveland, OH
Negligent Hiring and Retention (2016)

Chasen Boscolo, LLC
Greenbelt, MD
Premises Liability (2016)

Long & Marmero, LLP
Woodbury, NJ
Negligent Hiring and retention (2015)

Keis George, LLP
Cleveland, OH
Negligent Hiring and Supervision ( 2015)

Offut, Nord & Burchett
Huntington, WV
Premises Liability ( 2014)

Davis & Young
Cleveland, OH
Premises Liability ( 2013 and 2014)

Bourgeois, Dresser, White & McGourthy
Worcester, MA
Premises liability (Plaintiff) 2011

Kenneth Hicks, Esq.
Huntington, WV
Negligent hiring and retention, premises liability (Plaintiff) - 2010, 2011

Desmond Staples, Esq.
Tampa, FL
Premises liability (Plaintiff) 2010

Thielen, Foley & Mirdo
Bloomington, IL
Premises liability (Defense) - 2009

Jamie Oliver, Esq.
Columbus, OH
Premises liability (Plaintiff) - 2009

Winters & Masters
Cleveland, OH
Premises liability (Plaintiff) - 2007, 2011

G. Ian Crawford, Esq.
Cleveland, OH
Negligent hiring and retention (Plaintiff) - 2004

Scott Schiff, Esq.
Columbus, OH
Premises liability (Plaintiff) - 2004

Malek & Malek
Columbus, OH
Premises liability (Plaintiff) - 2004

Sindell, Young, Guidubaldi & Sucher
Cleveland, OH
Negligent hiring and retention/Premises liability (Plaintiff) - 2001, 1997

James McDonnell, Esq
Cleveland, OH
Premises liability (Plaintiff) - 1998

McLaughlin, McNally & Carlin
Youngstown, OH
Premises liability (Plaintiff) - 1998

Phillips & Mille
Middleburg, OH
Premises liability (Plaintiff) - 1998

Pickerel, Schaffer & Ebeling
Dayton, OH
Premises liability (Plaintiff) - 1998

David Green, Esq.
Hamilton, OH
Premises liability (Plaintiff) - 1994, 1996

Clark, Perdue & Roberts
Columbus , OH
Premises liability (Plaintiff) - 1992

Legal Experience & Services

Expert witness experience - 30 years


Member, American Society of Criminology
Member, American Sociological Association

Awards & Honors

Recipient of the 1988 "Top Ten" Teaching Award in the Undergraduate Honors Program - Florida State University

Recipient of the 1987 Graduate Teaching Award - Ohio State University

Seminars & Training

Controlling Sexual Solicitation and Importuning in Park Areas

Ohio Parks and Recreation Association Law Enforcement Section
Annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio, April 19, 2000.

Risk Assessment and the Decision to Commit Violent Crime: The Criminal Perspective
American Society of Criminology
Annual meeting in Washington, D.C., November, 1998.

The Use of Experts In Premises Liability Cases
Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers
Annual meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 22, 1998.

Establishing Foreseeability in Premises Liability Cases and Ohio Premises Liability: Inadequate of Negligent Security
Professional Education Systems, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio (February 20, 1997) and Columbus, Ohio (February 21, 1997).


"The ABCs of Premises Security Liability Cases", in the proceedings of the Negligent Law Seminar, Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers, 1992

"Research Findings on Community and Organizational Preparations for and Responses to Acute Chemical Emergencies", Public Management, Vol. 68, No. 3 (March, 1986)

"First Responders and Their Initial Behavior in Hazardous Chemical Transportation Accidents", in Recent Advances in Hazardous Materials Transportation Research: An Internal Exchange, ed. by Edythe Traylor Crump (Wash., D.C.: Transportation Research Board, National Research Council, 1986

"Characteristic Patterns of and Variations in Community Responses to Acute Chemical Emergencies" Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol. 4 (1981)

Professional References

Kevin S. Taylor
Taylor Anderson, LLP
1600 N. Broadway, Suite 900
Denver, CO
(303) 551-6651

Warren George, Esq.
Cleveland, OH
(216) 241-4100

Steven Nord
Huntington, WV
(304) 529-2999

Roy Bourgeois, Esq.
Worcester, MA
(508) 798-8801


Ph.D. Sociology - Ohio State University, 1988

M.P.A. Labor and Human Relations - Ohio State University, 1980

B.S. Zoology - Ohio State University, 1978

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