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Snow Expert Witness - Certified Snow Professional, CSP

Jeremy Swenson, CSP - Certified Snow Professional

Jeremy Swenson, CSP - Certified Snow Professional

11940 Cartwright Lane, Suite 300
Grandview, Missouri 64030

Phone(816) 564-9131


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Swenson Consulting offers Snow Removal Expert Witness Services to legal professionals needing assistance with snow and ice removal slip and fall cases. He is very familiar with the snow and ice removal industry standards and practices across the country, and will help determine how this relates in a slip and fall incident.


Principal, Jeremy Swenson, CSP, has satisfied requirements by SIMA (largest nationally recognized snow and ice trade organization-Snow and Ice Management Association) to become a Certified Snow Professional. There are less than 250 CSP’s in the United States Of America. He works with attorneys on defense and plaintiff sides with regards to snow removal, ice treatment and snow removal best practices issues. He works nationwide and will travel.

Swenson Consulting also offers detailed Weather Analysis services and reports for situations surrounding a slip and fall event or accident, and will offer detailed weather expert witness consultation regarding the weather surrounding the slip and fall incident.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Snow Removal; Black Ice; Snow Industry Standards


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Consulting Practice

All States

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Professional Experience

Mr. Swenson currently owns and operates Snowmen, one of the largest snow and ice management companies in North America. He is Security Clearanced and trained for onsite snow operations at the IRS Regional Headquarters, FBI Headquarters, Department Of Treasury Buildings, and many types of Airport, Railroad, Organ Transplant Centers, and Medical facilities. After overseeing thousands of commercial accounts over the years, he has worked through most every issue that is relevant to a snow removal operation in the industry.


Certified Snow Professional, CSP


Snow and Ice Management Association, SIMA, ASCA, Accredited Snow Contractors Association, BOMA, Building Owners and Managers Association, IREM, Institute of Real Estate Management.

Awards & Honors

Certified Snow Professional Certification - "CSP"

Seminars & Training

2017 - SIMA Advanced Snow Contracts National Committee
2017 - SIMA Best Practices National Committee

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