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Forensic Psychiatrist, Expert Witness in Undue Influence and Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

John Hochman, MD

9911 West Pico Boulevard, Suite 660
Los Angeles, California 90035

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John Hochman MD, has been practicing psychiatry for nearly 40 years. He has consulted and testified in various aspects of psychiatry including personal injury, malpractice, and employment issues. In addition he has special expertise in unusual undue influence including cult involvement, "brainwashing", false memory syndrome and parental alienation syndrome. He also has special expertise in adult attention deficit disorder.

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Link Attention Deficit Disorder: An Untold Story in Criminal Law

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder affects 4% of the population, and an even higher percentage of criminal defendants. It is a valid diagnostic concept, and treatment with correct medications is usually effective in some behavioral change.

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