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John Shaw Consulting, LLC

John Shaw Consulting, LLC

(Greater Los Angeles Area)
Walnut, California

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John Shaw Consulting, LLC offers more than 25 years of expertise in sanitary engineering including water (potable) and wastewater (industrial and domestic) treatment, conveyance, hydraulics (gravity and force), storage, reuse (biosolids and treated effluent), master planning, operations, maintenance, expert witness and forensics (mode of failure, standard of care and failure analysis).


John Shaw Consulting, LLC provides civil engineering including consulting, design, forensics, planning, operations and management services specific to the water and wastewater industry.

Wastewater projects:
· Wastewater treatment plants
· Effluent re-use and/or disposal facilities
· Sewage lift station design
· Sewer collection systems and sludge treatment
· De-watering and disposal/reuse handling facilities

Water projects:
· Treatment plants
· Transmission pipelines
· Pump stations
· Pressure regulating stations
· AWWA storage reservoirs and swimming pools

Litigation Support Services

John Shaw Consulting, LLC provides expert consultation, expert witness and litigation support services. John Shaw Consulting, LLC provides analysis and review of design and/or operations and maintenance, engineering “standard of practice or care” review as well as detailed engineering analysis, product suitability and construction defect issues.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Raw Sewage, Wastewater.


John Shaw, P.E. brings over 25 years of experience in the water, wastewater and sewer utility industry. He is considered an expert in these fields and provides consulting and expert witness services. His significant experience, a unique combination of operations and engineering, includes, but is not limited to, operations and maintenance, design, construction, regulatory, planning, administration, management and governance.

John Shaw Consulting, LLC continually strives to provide excellence in professional service through its national and international locations at a reasonable cost to all clients. By specializing in water and wastewater engineering, John Shaw, P.E. stays current on treatment, technology, design, construction, operation, maintenance and associated respective costs, with an understanding of the relationship and correlation between construction cost, O&M costs and labor requirements.

Areas Served

All States

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Professional Experience

· John Shaw Consulting, LLC - Principal - 2000 to present
Provides Civil Engineering including design, planning and consulting on operations and maintenance, regulatory compliance and management services specific to the water and wastewater industry and consulting and expert witness testimony for attorneys. John has lived and/or worked in many of the United States as well as Scotland, England, Spain, France, Italy, Honduras, Columbia, Belarus and Canada.

· Shaw Engineering, Ltd. - President - 1986 - 2000
Owned and managed this company until October, 2000 when it was sold to two of the Principal Engineers. Through Shaw Engineering, Ltd., was involved in a diverse list of projects including water and wastewater planning, treatment, conveyance, collection, rehabilitation reuse and disposal facilities including planning, design, construction and contract management, operations, safety, and regulatory requirements.

· SPB Utility Services, Inc. - Secretary/Treasurer - 1988 - 1995
As the Secretary of the corporation, was responsible for all of the local (Reno, Sparks, Washoe County) operations, employees and clients, as well as regulatory compliance, including OSHA, at all the facilities that the company was responsible for.


Professional Engineer - Nevada
Professional Engineer - Idaho (inactive)
Professional Engineer - New Mexico
Professional Engineer - California
Professional Engineer - Vermont
Professional Engineer - Oregon
Professional Engineer - Wisconsin
Professional Engineer - Ohio
Professional Engineer - Guam (Inactive)
Professional Engineer - Washington
Professional Engineer - Michigan
Professional Engineer - Arizona
Professional Engineer - Georgia
Professional Engineer - North Carolina
Professional Engineer - Virginia
Professional Engineer - Maryland
Professional Engineer - New York
Professional Engineer - Florida
Professional Engineer - Texas
Professional Engineer - Montana
Professional Engineer - Massachusetts
Professional Engineer - Indiana
Professional Engineer - Missouri
Professional Engineer - Utah
Professional Engineer - Maine
Professional Engineer - Tennessee
Professional Engineer - Washington DC
Professional Engineer - Hawaii
Professional Engineer - Kentucky

Legal Experience & Services

As an expert in construction, civil engineering and water, sewer, wastewater and hydraulic engineering as well as experienced in operation and maintenance of the related facilities, John Shaw, P.E. is often asked to provide consulting and/or expert witness/forensic services to the legal profession, insurance companies and other engineering firms.

Forensic services typically include “mode of failure” analysis, review and critique of design and/or operations and maintenance, engineering “standard of practice or care” review as well as detailed engineering analysis, product suitability and construction defect issues.

John Shaw, P.E. works widely as both an expert consultant and expert witness on forensic projects. Understanding the distinction between the two engagements and their implications in the discovery process is important during the process of case evaluation and advising legal counsel. He has devoted and continues to spend significant time and effort in learning and understanding the legal nuances associated with expert participation in the judicial process.


· University of Nevada, Reno, Department of Civil Engineering - Curriculum Advisory Board Member
· American Water Works Association - Member #233221
· AWWA, Illinois Section - Water System Distribution Committee - Member
· International Water Association (IWA) - Member
· Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) - Member
· Tahoe Truckee Sanitary Agency (TTSA) - Board of Directors (2002-2005)
· Washoe County Health Department - Sewage, Water, and Sanitation Hearing Board Member
· Tahoe-Truckee Engineers Association
· Volunteers for Overseas Cooperative Assistance (VOCA) - Volunteer
· Water for People - International Volunteer
· American Society of Civil Engineers
· National Society of Professional Engineers
· National Association of Corrosion Engineers - Member
· American Backflow Prevention Association - Member
· Water Environment Federation - Member
· National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) - Member


Civil engineering including consulting, design, forensics, planning, operations and management services specific to the water and wastewater industry.


· B.S. in Civil Engineering - University of Nevada, Reno, 1988

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