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Kelly Liberti at Eagle Security Group

Kelly Liberti at Eagle Security Group

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Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

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Retired FBI Special Agent Kelly Liberti specializes in the investigation of Violent Crimes Against Children (VCAC and CAC) matters, including Child Abduction, Missing Children, Child Sex Trafficking, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Exploitation and Child Pornography. Ms. Liberti was the lead agent on many of Cleveland's high profile criminal cases and was responsible for the identification, arrest and conviction of a serial child abductor and the prosecution of a sex and drug trafficking ring. As a member and team leader of the FBI's elite Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) Team, Ms. Liberti deployed across the United States to assist local and state departments whenever a child went missing. She is well versed in the many ways online predators use technology and social media apps to seduce and entrap children.

In addition to consultation, litigation support and expert witness work, she provides independent reviews of Forensic Interviews, Cold Cases and Missing Persons Cases as well as speaking engagements and training related to Crisis Negotiations/Crisis Intervention. Ms. Liberti is very comfortable on the stand and has testified numerous times before Grand Juries as well as at local, state and Federal trials.


Ms. Kelly Liberti is a consultant and expert witness for Eagle where she delivers consultation, training, investigations support, litigation support and subject matter expertise including strategy and testimony in the areas of Crisis Negotiations and Violent Crimes Against Children (VCAC), including Child Abduction, Missing Children, Child Sex Trafficking, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Exploitation and Child Pornography.

Provides independent reviews of Forensic Interviews, Cold Cases and Missing Persons Cases as well as speaking engagements and training related to Crisis Negotiations/Crisis Intervention and Violent Crimes Against Children (VCAC).

Litigation Support Services

We recommend obtaining legal counsel prior to retaining expert services. CV available upon request. Please contact Eagle at 540-314-0731 to set up a complimentary consultation call or to request our fee schedule.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Child Exploitation; Violent Crimes Against Children (VCAC); Crimes Against Children (CAC); Re-investigate Cold Cases and Missing Children/Missing Persons Cases; Crisis Negotiations/Crisis Intervention; Infant and Child Abduction; Kidnapping; False Allegation of Child Abduction; Social Media/Online Predators; Child Seduction; Child Enticement; Child Sexual Predators; Kid Crimes; Child Sex Slave; Child Porn; Kiddie Porn; Child Forensic Interviewing Matters; Interview and Interrogation Techniques.


During her 23 years as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Kelly Liberti specialized in the investigation of Violent Crimes Against Children (VCAC) matters, including Child Abduction, Missing Children, Child Sex Trafficking, Sexual Abuse and Child Pornography. She served as the primary case agent on many high profile criminal cases, to include the Justin Christian serial child abductor case, the Jeremy Mack sex trafficking matter and “Operation Airball”, a high profile public corruption case. In addition, she was a team leader for the FBI's elite Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) team and worked high profile abduction cases such as Jayme Closs, Gina Dejesus and Amanda Berry.

Ms. Liberti worked many different criminal violations for the FBI to include Organized Crime, Public Corruption, Bank Robbery, Labor matters, Internet Fraud, Mail & Wire Fraud, Extortion, and Financial Crime. She ran and participated in multiple undercover operations, and was a primary crisis/hostage negotiator for the Cleveland Division for 20 years. National news outlets, including Fox News, CNN and People Magazine, have covered Ms. Liberti's cases and she has provided interviews to numerous local media outlets.

Ms. Liberti conducted hundreds of interviews of subjects and victims and has extensive experience testifying at trial, before Federal Grand Juries, at identity, probable cause, detention, suppression and sentencing hearings.

Following her retirement from the FBI, she founded a company that provides child forensic interviewing, instruction and consultation to law enforcement agencies and child welfare groups. As a highly qualified forensic interviewer of children, Ms. Liberti understands the intricacies involved in finding the truth. She excels at teaching others and, as a certified FBI Police Instructor and Adjunct Instructor for 20 years, has instructed hundreds of local, state and federal officers in the areas of Crimes Against Children (CAC), including abduction response and protocols, false allegation of child and infant abductions, interview and interrogation techniques, and how to conduct a missing child investigation, as well as media relations and crisis negotiations. In addition, she uses her passion for investigation to review cold cases, providing re-review of pertinent documents and potentially granting closure for families of the missing.

With her intimate working knowledge and experience in the law enforcement investigative process, Ms. Liberti not only serves as an educator, keynote speaker and violent crimes against children expert for Eagle, but also provides case consultation, investigative support, litigation support and expert witness testimony for active and cold cases in the areas of: Violent Crimes Against Children including Infant and Child Abduction or Kidnapping, False Allegation of Child Abduction, Missing Children/Missing Persons, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Exploitation and Pornography, Child Sex Trafficking, and Crisis Negotiations as well as providing Independent Reviews of Forensic Interviews, Cold Cases and Missing Persons Cases.

Areas Served

All States and Abroad

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Professional Experience

2019 to Present Consultant and Expert Witness for Eagle Security Group, Fredericksburg, VA
Delivers consultation, training, investigations support, litigation support and subject matter expertise including strategy and testimony in the areas of Violent Crimes Against Children (VCAC) and Crisis Negotiations.

2019 to Present 96-5 Consulting Group, LLC
Founder and CEO responsible for all aspects of the business. 96-5 Consulting Group provides child forensic interviewing services, investigative case and technical consultation, and instructional services to law enforcement and community groups.

2019 to Present Child & Adolescent Forensic Interviewer
Conducts forensic interviews of children and testifies as needed in court for the Child Advocacy Center in Lorain and Huron counties in Ohio.

2019 to Present NFL Spot Checker
Responsible for attending Cleveland Browns football practices and preparing reports for the NFL detailing who practices and what activities take place during the practice to ensure compliance with the NFL's rules and regulations.

Experience & Assignments – The Federal Bureau of Investigation

2016 - 2019 Special Agent (SA) - Cleveland Division of the FBI - Violent Crimes Task Force (VCTF)

Types of Crimes Included: Crimes Against Children (CAC), Child Abductions, Child Enticement, Child Sex Trafficking, Bank Robbery, Extortion

Worked many high profile abduction cases as part of the VCTF and CARD team, to include the Amanda Berry/Gina DeJesus kidnapping, the Jayme Closs kidnapping, the kidnapping/murder of a Toledo area college student, the recovery of a 17-year-old girl who was taken to a different state by the mother of a man she met online and the recovery of a 12-year-old girl who was enticed by a man online to prostitute for him. As a Relief Supervisor for the task force, ran multiple arrest operations for fugitives, child pornographers and bank robbers. Convicted multiple bank robbers, serial bank robbers and handled online threats on a daily basis.

Appointed as the primary agent on a long term missing child case in Cleveland. Destructed and reconstructed the case to illuminate the weak spots and pinpoint what information was required. Organized a weeklong cold case deployment involving over 50 agents from across the US, joining forces between the United States Attorney's Office, the local prosecutor's office and local police department. Organized the interviews of more than 75 people, conducted multiple search warrants, and identified a suspect who was charged and convicted for molesting nearly two-dozen children in the past 20 years. Ms. Liberti's model for preparing a cold case deployment is now being used as the “gold standard” for the FBI's CARD Team nationwide.

2010 - 2016 Senior Resident Agent (SRA), Elyria Resident Agency, Cleveland Division

Types of Crimes Included: Violent Crime, Violent Crimes Against Children, Bank Robbery, Extortion, Racketeering, Public Corruption, Financial Fraud

As SRA of the Elyria Resident Agency, worked all federal violations, led the daily investigative activities and served as the primary liaison, working hand in hand with local and state law enforcement officials on bank robbery, fraud, drug and child enticement cases. Personally worked more than 50 child pornography cases which included authoring search warrants, conducting the search operation, interviewing subjects, interviewing and identifying victims, conducting forensic searches of electronic devices to identify illegal images and videos, authoring complaints and arrest warrants and testifying before the grand jury and in detention hearings. Received numerous awards for excellent work on these cases.

Primary case agent on the United States v. Jeremy Mack case, a sex trafficking matter involving four law enforcement agencies and the US Attorney's Office. Interviewed more than 50 victims and witnesses, authored multiple search and arrest warrants, testified in federal grand jury and at trial. The subject, his madam and multiple family members were all convicted of sex and drug trafficking charges. The subject received four life sentences and this case was responsible for the Sixth District Court of Appeals defining the threat of physical and psychological harm of heroin withdrawal as coercive. Received a Special Commendation from the Elyria Police Department for work in this case.

Successfully recovered a 14-year-old girl who had traveled out of state with her 34-year-old “boyfriend” only to be kept prisoner in a fake dresser drawer inside a trailer. Conducted the investigation, collected all evidence, ran a command post, authored multiple electronic device search warrants and testified in multiple hearings culminating in the sentencing of the abductor to 30 years in prison for kidnapping and production of child pornography.

Prosecuted a Railroad Union Racketeering Scheme and convicted a tax preparer who stole millions of dollars from women's shelters, pet shelters, the elderly, churches, and charities nationwide.

2005 - 2010 Special Agent (SA) - Cleveland Division - Public Corruption

Types of Crimes Included: Public Corruption, Organized Crime, Crimes Against Children

Worked as the Primary Relief Supervisor for the public corruption squad and case agent for cases involving bribery and corruption within city and county government. Successfully ran multiple informants and conducted multiple undercover operations using electronic and physical surveillance, as well as Title III wiretaps. Primary case agent for a case targeting City of Cleveland building inspectors, the prosecution of which led to a complete overhaul of Cleveland's Building and Housing Department.

During this time, also worked as the Coordinator for Cleveland's Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) and deployed on multiple cases for the CARD team. As the CNT Coordinator, responsible for running and providing training for her team as well as running the FBI's 40-hour basis crisis negotiation class for the Cleveland Division. Taught all aspects of that class to include Fundamentals of Negotiations, Active Listening, Crisis Intervention, Suicide Intervention, Use of Translators, Tactical Role of the Negotiator and Media Use in Negotiations. Responsible for deploying the team and working with Cleveland's SWAT team on all callouts and local and national deployments. As a CARD team member, deployed to numerous crisis sites throughout the US to provide expertise in missing child matters.

1995 - 2005 Special Agent (SA), Federal Bureau of Investigation, Cleveland Division

Types of Crimes Included: Organized Crime, Public Corruption, Violent Crime, Violent Crimes Against Children, Drug Trafficking, Bank & Wire Fraud

Originally assigned to Organized Crime working Russian and Italian (La Cosa Nostra) organized crime matters. Primary case agent on a multi-tiered investigation that dismantled a network of Russian owned computer stores which had profited by defrauding customers across the United States. Wrote multiple search and arrest warrants for this matter, testified numerous times before grand jury and testified at the trial of one business owner, who was found guilty. Conducted an undercover operation resulting in the successful indictment, conviction and sentencing of 40 people involved with insurance, auto and mail fraud. Became certified and worked an undercover operation in which 16 members of a motorcycle gang were successfully prosecuted on racketeering charges.

Worked a long-term case involving more than 50 law enforcement and corrections officers who were arrested and convicted in Cleveland for accepting bribe payments to guard drug transactions. This case was featured nationally and has been used worldwide to teach ethics, corruption and organized crime investigative techniques. Delivered multiple Title III electronic surveillance lines for this case, transcribed hundreds of hours of conversation, participated in surveillance operation, conducted numerous interviews of subjects and worked with federal prosecutors at all stages of prosecution and received numerous incentive awards and commendations for her work.

Collateral Duty Assignments

1998-2019 FBI Undercover Agent/Law Enforcement Instructor/Crisis Negotiator/Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team/Media Coordinator

As a certified FBI undercover employee, collected evidence and employed surveillance techniques while investigating white-collar and violent crimes. Undertook various roles allowing direct contact with subjects in order to collect both physical and electronic evidence for later use in prosecution, such as posing as a 12-year-old girl to catch a child predator visiting the Cleveland area.

As an FBI Law Enforcement Instructor and Certified Adjunct Instructor, taught local, state and federal officers throughout the United States in crisis negotiations, including critical de-escalation skills for uniformed street officers who are often first responders to a crisis situation; crisis negotiation skills to SWAT and arresting officers who are usually first to encounter a suspect; responding to child abductions including best practices, how to respond and steps to follow to ensure the best possible outcome for the child; law enforcement media relations and interview and interrogation techniques. Presented case studies in child abduction and negotiation to local, regional and national audiences, providing insights, lessons learned and proven methodology for handling various case types. Trained more than 1,000 officers, chiefs and supervisors throughout her FBI career.

As a Crisis Negotiator, served on the Cleveland Division team for 20 years, five of those as team leader. Deployed with the SWAT team on each callout (anytime the SWAT team is deployed, which can be for surveillance, a barricade, an arrest or search warrant) and assisted local departments with callouts and training matters.

Prepared and taught the FBI's 40-hour basic negotiation course to local, state and federal officers and agents to certify them as a crisis negotiator with the skills necessary to negotiate a barricaded subject, determine a true hostage situation from a victim situation, handle threats and deadlines and determine when tactical force is needed.

Prepared and taught specialized courses such as Jumpers, Suicide Negotiations, Negotiation Concepts for SWAT Operators, Negotiation Concepts for Chiefs, High Risk Negotiations and Tactical Negotiations. Negotiated domestic and international hostage and recovery incidents highlighted by the successful recovery of an American citizen kidnapped in Afghanistan by the Taliban. Presented case studies at negotiation conferences throughout the United States.

As media coordinator for the Cleveland Division, prepared press releases, attended press conferences and delivered interviews on FBI matters and cases. Conducted courses for supervisory personnel on speaking to the media and crisis situations. As a special topics instructor certified through the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy, taught a media relations class, which was part of the curriculum for the Lorain County Community College Police Academy.

As a member of the FBI's CARD Team, deployed to sites throughout the United States when a child went missing to assist local departments in establishing a command post and initiating investigative strategies. Once on site, provided expertise and guidance in dealing with the family, victims, suspects, media, volunteers, search parameters, best practices, recovery or transition into a long term missing persons case. As Team Leader, oversaw the team that deployed, assigned team members and was the liaison between FBIHQ and onsite operations. Taught one-day, two-day, three-day and one-week schools to local, state and Federal law enforcement agencies on how to conduct a missing child investigation when there are few to no clues or leads and how to best utilize the first three critical hours to form an effective response. Educated attendees on abduction response, neighborhood canvasses, roadblock canvasses, video canvasses, determining family dynamics, understanding false allegation child abductions, media strategies and overall best practices, including field training exercises, tabletop exercises, live drills and role playing in actual neighborhoods.


- Child & Adolescent Forensic Interviewer: 2010 – present
- Previously Held Security Clearance: Top Secret

Legal Experience & Services

As a Special Agent for the FBI, testified over 100 times at trial, before Federal Grand Juries, at identity, probable cause, detention, suppression and sentencing hearings as well as juvenile court. Testified concerning the facts of the investigation in the following matters:

- Bank Robbery
- Child Abduction
- Drug Trafficking
- Financial and Fraud Investigations
- Organized Crime
- Receipt, Distribution & Production of Child Pornography
- Sex Trafficking
- White Collar Crime


- Society of Former Special Agents: 2018 – present
- Cleveland Chapter of Society of Former Special Agents: 2019

Seminars & Training

Teaching Experience

Began providing instruction for the FBI in 1998. In her years as an agent, provided instruction to police departments, local, state and federal agencies, numerous law enforcement and professional conferences, to children ranging from elementary school age to high school, and to parents and business professionals in various settings including small groups, classroom style teaching, lectures and presentations at national conferences across the country. Believes presentations should tell a story as well as educate and utilized her investigative experiences to highlight her lectures and interactive presentations.

2013 to 2019 FBI Adjunct Faculty Program - Nationwide

Educated more than 1,000 law enforcement personnel on the topics of Criminal/Child Abductions, Communications/Interview & Interrogation, Communication/Media Relations, and Operational Skills/Crisis Negotiations. Achieved and maintained a professional certification for these topics. Taught multiple child abduction schools courses each year to groups ranging from twenty five to several hundred students, taught the FBI's basic 40-hour crisis negotiation class more than 20 times and presented media and communications training upon request to local and state police departments, police academies and police supervisors.

2006 to 2019 FBI Instructor, Child Abduction Protocols

Taught hundreds of local, state and federal officers best practices for child abduction cases. Topics included case presentations, command posts, neighborhood canvass, roadblock canvas, family dynamics, false allegation of child abductions, infant abductions, sexual deviants, and behavioral analysis of child abduction subjects. Created and taught in-service training courses for detectives and agents, provided instruction and cultivation of their skills and investigation techniques unique to abduction cases. Organized in house and field training exercises and recruited role players to assist in practical scenarios to enhance training.

2010 to 2019 FBI Instructor, Interview & Interrogation Techniques

Taught basic interviewing and interrogation skills to new police officers, probation officers, and social workers.

2010 to 2017 FBI Instructor, Lorain County Community College Police Academy

Taught police recruits a basic course on public relations and how both positive and negative publicity can impact the day-to-day operations of a police department, the public perception of the department and each officer.

2005 to 2019 Special Subject Instructor, Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Program

Certified as a special topics instructor to teach media relations and crisis negotiation concepts to Ohio law enforcement officers, both at the academy and in the field; presented negotiation case studies for the state of Ohio's Advanced Crisis Negotiations course.

2000 to 2019 FBI Instructor, Crisis Negotiations

Certified by the FBI to instruct local, state and federal officers on the concepts of Crisis Negotiation covered in the FBI's 40-hour basic crisis negotiation course; presented case studies at FBI and regional negotiation conferences.

Major Presentations/Lectures Provided:

2021 Presentation on social media awareness to children's services, law enforcement and child
advocates including presentation of case studies.

2018 Ohio Alerts Conference, Columbus, Ohio - “State of Ohio vs. Justin Christian”

2017 Ohio Attorney General's Office State Crime Conference, Columbus, Ohio - “U.S. vs. Jeremy Mack”

2017 Regional Victim Advocacy Conference, Louisville, Kentucky

2017 Dallas Crimes Against Children Conference, Dallas, Texas - “The Mack Mansion”

2017 Regional Crisis Negotiation Conference, Columbus, Ohio - Media and Negotiations

2010-2019 Social Media Awareness for Parents at numerous schools

2010-2019 Human/Sex Trafficking Awareness for numerous associations and groups

2010 Ohio State Highway Patrol - Crisis Negotiations

2009 Chicago Crisis Negotiators Conference - “Alfred Geiser Case”

2005-2019 Ohio OPOTA - Crisis Negotiations

2004-2006 Ohio Auto Theft Association - Organized Crime Investigations


Expert Commentary Provided

Routinely provided commentary at press conferences and interviews on FBI matters and cases including multiple high publicity cases that were covered nationally. Mentioned and quoted in numerous articles as the case agent and author of affidavits. Consults with authors writing books featuring the FBI.


Bachelor of Science in Journalism
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Specialized Training Received

2021 Forensic Interviewing of Pre-Schoolers Training
National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC) - Huntsville, Alabama

2021 Use of Human Figure Drawings in Forensic Interviews Training
National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC)- Huntsville, Alabama

2020 Advanced Forensic Interview Training Course
National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC) - Huntsville, Alabama

2020 Team Adam Training
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)

2019 Beyond The Silence Child Forensic Interview Training
State of Ohio - Akron, Ohio

2018 Investigating Websites/Social Media/DIGITAL RECORDS
FBI - Cleveland, Ohio

2018 Media Awareness
Cleveland, Ohio

2017 Crimes Against Children In-Service
Dallas, Texas

2016 Griffeye Analyze Di Training Program
Richfield, Ohio

2011 Active Shooter Awareness
FBI - Cleveland, Ohio

2011 Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention
Lorain County, Ohio

2010 Forensic Interviewing of Children
Quantico, Virginia

2010 Crisis Negotiator Coordinator In Service (Multiple Years)
San Antonio, TX/Charleston, South Carolina

2009 Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide Training
FBI Cleveland, Ohio

2007 Interviewing the Sexual Deviants
Columbus, Ohio

Please see Ms. Liberti's CV for full list of education including seminars and training.

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