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Keystone Engineering Consultants, Inc.

Keystone Engineering Consultants, Inc.

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Keystone Engineering Consultants, Inc. is a multi-discipline, broad-spectrum firm offering comprehensive and qualified forensic engineering, architecture and scientific expert services to the legal community, insurance industry, and the public and private sectors.


Keystone Engineering Consultants, Inc. has provided answers to complex engineering incidents of accidents, explosions, product failures and more since 2000. We have specialized experts from a variety of disciplines, so we are able to provide a full understanding of all aspects for any case we pursue.

Our multi-disciplined services include:

- Accident Reconstruction / Transportation
Highway design and maintenance, biomechanical analysis of crash induced injuries, accident reconstruction – autos, trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, product defects, heavy commercial vehicle maintenance and operations, air bag “Black Box” download and analysis, tire failures, vehicle fires.

- Biomechanics / Biomedical
Injury causation, medical devices and products, orthotics.

- Civil / Structural Engineering
Construction defects, code compliance, roof analysis, foundations, post-damage structural analysis, subsidence, erosion, construction equipment, scaffolds and ladders.

- Electrical Engineering
Failure analysis on a wide variety of electrical and electronic equipment, fiber optic and copper communication lines, lightning damage, RF controlled industrial equipment, accidental electrocutions, telephone facility repair review, underground utility repair review, high voltage (7500V) safety, automated controls, cyber and computer forensics.

- Environmental Consulting
Wetland delineation, stream assessment
Environmental site assessments and permitting
Dendrological surveys, timber assessments

- Explosives and Blasting
Blasting damage studies and investigations, review of blasting programs, evaluation of blasting logs, blasting fumes evaluations, conducting blaster certification training, presentation of blasting seminars.

- Fire Protection Engineering
Design, analysis and installation – Fire alarm, suppression and sprinkler systems
ICC Fire Prevention Code

- Glass / Ceramic Engineering
Glass forensics, injury
Product liability for glass products

- HVAC, Plumbing and Building Systems Engineering
Fire protection
Control systems
Energy management

- Mining Engineering
Mine subsidence causes and mitigation
Underground mining operation, safety and related equipment
Coal preparation plants

- Mold
Water intrusion
Stairs, ramps, parking lots, sidewalks.

- Premises Liability
Slip, trip and falls, code compliance, mold, water intrusion, stairs and ramps, parking lots, sidewalks.

- Sports and Recreation
Investigate playground accidents and injuries, perform playground safety audits and inspections, review / investigate playground installations, analyze playground layouts and designs, review playground maintenance programs and procedures, develop audit, inspection and maintenance programs, investigate sporting accidents and mishaps and investigate snow sports related accidents.

- Product Liability
Design and manufacturing defects, guarding, automation/control systems.

Litigation Support Services

Keystone Engineering Consultants, Inc. assists members of the legal community in evaluating the validity of their situations and in building successful litigation cases.

Our engineers and consultants are experienced in litigation support, dispute resolution, and expert witness testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Biomechanical Injury Analysis, Fire Protection Engineering, Glass/Ceramic Engineering, Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Science, Motor Vehicle Accidents.


Keystone Engineering Consultants, Inc. is a multi-discipline, broad-spectrum firm offering comprehensive and qualified forensic engineering, architectural, biomechanical, scientific and technical investigation expert services to the legal community, the insurance industry, and the private and public sectors. A subsidiary company, Keystone Recreational Consultants, L.L.C., provides engineering, inspection, audit and installation services to the playground and sports and recreation sectors.

A professional evaluation by Keystone Engineering Consultants, Inc. can help solve problems in a cost-effective way. We listen to the needs of our clients, and offer unbiased, ethical and professional engineering opinions backed by education, experience and innovation.

Our mission: “We don't just believe in providing timely, comprehensive and qualified engineering, architectural, biomechanical, scientific and technical investigations for our clients, we stand behind it. These aren't just words; they're our promise and commitment to you our clients.”

Professional Experience

David W. Kassekert, PE, CPSI

Since 1989, Mr. Kassekert has conducted technical investigations of over 1000 motor vehicle accidents typically focusing on issues such as speed, impact severity, seat belt use, driver evasion potential, visibility and the interpretation of crash recorder data. Mr. Kassekert has investigated accidents involving passenger cars, truck and vans, heavy-trucks and commercial vehicles, motorcycle, bicycles and pedestrians.

With additional experience in industry, Mr. Kassekert has also been involved in determining the causes of equipment and product accidents in industrial settings.

Mr. Kassekert has testified, for both plaintiff and defense, over 250 times in the last 15 years.


Society of Automotive Engineers
Association for Iron and Steel Technology
National Society of Professional Engineers
Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers
National Association of Forensic Engineers, Fellow
National Association of Professional Reconstructionists


M.B.A., University of Pittsburgh, 1975
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, 1969
Graduate, Automotive Engineering, Chrysler Institute of Engineering, 1969
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 1967

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