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Larry Lowenthal

5000 SW 25th Boulevard
Suite 3103

Gainesville, Florida 32608

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Larry Lowenthal is an experienced real estate broker and expert witness who is retained by both plaintiff and insurance defense attorneys in Florida and nationally for lawsuits wherein real estate brokers are charged with malpractice, failure to disclose latent defects, negligence, dishonesty, deceptive conduct, plus violations of real estate licensing laws and/or the Realtor Code of Ethics.
He is also retained to help in disputes over commission disputes and procuring cause; "Who earned a real estate commission?"
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Link Violating the Code of Ethics Can Get You Sued

Realtors who ignore the Code of Ethics do so at their own peril. Angry buyers & sellers who believe they suffered financial damages because of a real estate agent are quick to instigate lawsuits to recover their alleged losses. Lawsuits can be costly in time, money, and reputation, and are always emotionally stressful. But prudent Realtors who learn and then abide by our Code of Ethics can avoid the mistakes, pitfalls, and temptations that lead other licensees to litigation nightmares.

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