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Leonard J. Romero

Leonard J. Romero

3579 East Foothill Blvd. #336
Pasadena, California 91107

Phone(626) 437-2437


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Leonard J. Romero is an independent firearms examiner and ballistics expert. He was formerly a forensic firearms examiner for 23 years and criminalist for 26 years, in which he worked for ASCLD accredited laboratories in the Los Angeles Police Department and Bexar County Criminal Investigations Crime Laboratory.


Mr. Romero's experience includes:

• Forensic firearm analysis
• Ballistics
• Shooting crime scene reconstruction
• Officer involved shooting reconstruction
• Crime scene investigation processing
• Collection, preservation and analysis of physical evidence at crime scenes
• Bullet path analysis / bullet trajectory analysis
• Gunshot residue distance determination / muzzle to target distance determination
• Firearm functionality and safety
• Firearm identification
• Firearm alteration analysis
• Analysis of fired cartridge cases and fired bullets to identify specific firearm
• Serial number restoration
• Assault weapon determination (California Penal Code 12276)
• Photo documenting shooting crime scenes
• Photo documenting physical evidence

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Firearm Alteration Analysis, Bullet Path Analysis, Gunshot Residue Analysis, Assault Weapon Determination


• Qualified as an expert in California Superior Court in the areas of firearms identification, serology, and crime scene processing.

• Qualified as an expert in firearms identification in Texas.

• Responsible for the creation and development of a forensic firearms program for the Oxnard Police Department (Oxnard, CA).

• Instructed new and seasoned detectives in the collection and preservation of physical evidence at crime scenes as an Assistant Instructor with the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation.

• Credentialed instructor with the State of California in the area of Career Technical Education and taught adult and high school students in the areas of administration of justice and forensic science.

Professional Experience

Independent Firearms Examiner and Ballistics Expert, Pasadena, CA, November 2011 to Present
Provide services to plaintiff and defense attorneys in civil and criminal matters involving the analysis of ballistic evidence and forensic firearms analysis. Consult with both investigators and attorneys regarding officer involved shootings providing analysis, review, and testimony as necessary. A member of the Los Angeles County Superior Court Expert Witness Panel in the area of ballistics appointed to work on indigent criminal defendant cases.

Criminalist, Oxnard Police Department, Oxnard, CA, December 2004 to June 2011
In charge of the Forensic Firearms Unit of the Investigations Bureau. Responsible for the creation and development of the Forensic Firearms Program. My responsibilities were to identify fired bullets and cartridge cases back to specific firearms, render firearms safe, conduct bullet path analysis, and perform distance determination on evidence. Responded to shooting crime scenes to coordinate the collection, preservation and analysis of physical evidence. Purchased necessary equipment to conduct all the aforementioned analysis.

Forensic Scientist, Bexar County Criminal Investigation Laboratory, San Antonio, TX, May 2004 to November 2004 Analysis of Firearms Evidence to determine whether the bullets and cartridge cases were fired from a particular firearm. Determined the mechanical functionality of recovered firearms and facilitated the entry of cartridge case images into the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) database for comparison with similar evidence from other

Criminalist, Scientific Investigation Division, Los Angeles Police Department, July 1991 to May 2003
Forensic Serology Unit July 1991 to July 1994 and November 2002 to May 2003. Analyzed sexual assault evidence for the presence of sperm and/or semen, ABO and Polymorphic Isozyme Typing as well as evaluating evidence for DNA Analysis.
Firearms Analysis Unit July 1994 to November 2002. Performed examinations and comparisons of microscopic markings on fired bullets and cartridge cases, serial number restorations, renders firearms safe, conducted scientific field investigations of shooting scenes and provided expert testimony in court.

Assistant Instructor, Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation, September 1995 to September 1996
Instructed new and seasoned detectives in the collection and preservation of physical evidence.

Student Professional Worker, Scientific Investigation Division, Los Angeles Police Department, May 1988 to July 1991 Assigned to the Forensic Toxicology Unit. Analyzed blood and urine samples for the presence of controlled substances using Radio Immunoassay Techniques.


Member of the Los Angeles County Superior Court Expert Witness Panel in the area of ballistics.
Member of the Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners
Member of the National Rifle Association


• Experience as a firearms examiner includes: bullet and cartridge case comparisons, rendering firearms safe, testing the functionality and operability of firearms, performing distance determination on various evidence items, conducting bullet path analysis at crime scenes, serial number restorations, photo documenting shooting crime scenes, Nibin entries, tracing firearms recovered through ATF's E-Trace system, conducting type and caliber determinations on unknown bullets and determining if a weapon is an assault weapon as defined by 12276 of the California Penal Code and shooting crime scene reconstruction.

• Qualified as an expert in California Superior Court in the Areas of Forensic Serology, Forensic Firearms Analysis and Crime Scene Investigation.
• Qualified as an expert in the State of Texas in the area of Forensic Firearms Analysis.
• Guest Lecturer at the LACBA ICDA seminar, September 2016
• Instructor at Oxnard Police Department Citizen Academy on October 19, 24, 26 and 28, 2005
• Ten Year service pin from the City of Los Angeles
• Member of the Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners
• Lifetime Member of the NRA
• Microbiology Lab Experience
Worked in Microbiology Prep Room, preparing bacteriological media, setting up Microbiology lab classes for instructor, autoclaving lab specimens and equipment at Cal State University Los Angeles for four quarters.
* California Department of Public Health letter approving me for participation as a Public Health Microbiologist Trainee.

Seminars & Training

Training includes courses and workshops at the ATF National Lab Center, FBI Academy, California Criminalistics Institute, and McCrone Research Institute, among others.


Television and Radio Appearances

• JFK The Smoking Gun: Inside the Evidence on Reelz TV
• Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends Revealed Episode 11 on The Learning Channel
• Gangland Series “Murder by Number” episode on the History Channel
• LAPD: Life on the Beat
• Straight to You, local cable television show in Ventura County. Premier episode April 2008
• KNX Newsradio 1070 interview on In Depth Program. August 7, 2019


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Microbiology, California State University, Los Angeles, CA, 1990

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