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Leonard Weiss, M.D.

Leonard Weiss, M.D.

3006 Bee Caves Rd #D208
Austin, Texas 78745

Phone(512) 646-0880


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Dr. Weiss is a Forensic Psychiatrist with unparalleled qualifications, as a Board-Certified physician in each of the following specialties:

• Psychiatry, ABPN
• Forensic Psychiatry, ABPN
• Addiction Psychiatry, ABPN
• Internal Medicine, ABIM
Additional: Subspecialty Fellowship in Nutrition at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Dr. Weiss has been a physician for more than 40 years, first as an internist and then expanding his interests and excellence in Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, and subspecialties in Addiction Psychiatry and Nutrition medicine. Dr. Weiss has been a clinical psychiatrist for more than 2 decades. Dr. Weiss opened Psychiatry Austin, PLLC in 2013 and currently treats patients in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Weiss has served on the faculties of Rush Medical School and Michael Reese Hospital before settling in Austin, Texas where he has served as Medical Director of Austin Lakes Hospital. He subsequently began his private practice, Psychiatry Austin, where he currently sees patients full-time treating a range of psychiatric conditions and providing psychotherapy. His broad area of expertise is relevant to medical-legal and clinical matters: psychiatry, internal medicine, expertise in medication managing multiple physical and mental conditions, and Nutrition subspecialty training.

While his patients see him for a range of psychiatric treatment, he also treats those struggling with substance abuse disorders and is an expert in factors associated with addiction.

Dr. Weiss' achievements include developing and serving as Chief of the Dual Diagnosis Group Psychotherapy Program at Michael Reese Hospital of the University of Chicago, treating addictions.

In 2013 he relocated to Texas where he became the Director of the Austin Lakes Hospital, treating Psychiatric Disorders in an outpatient program. He has also served as Medical Director of Infinite Recovery Rehab and Outpatient Detox in Austin.

Dr. Weiss has practiced Psychiatry in Atlanta, GA, and Internal Medicine in Michigan, where he still maintains licensure. He has been certified in Internal Medicine for more than 30 years, and in Psychiatry for 27 years.

Dr. Weiss graduated from Wayne State University Medical School and MIT (Mathematics), with residency training in Internal Medicine, Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition, and Psychiatry at, respectively, the University of Michigan Henry Ford Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York (Fellow) and Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago.


Dr. Weiss offers the following services:

Consultation to attorneys, case review, medical-legal findings

Expert witness testimony

Independent Medical Examination (face to face and by video),

Review of medical records including toxicology reports, MRI, CTScan and radiology reports, surgical, and medication laboratory results associated with conditions treated in Psychiatry and Internal Medicine

Thorough written reports of medical-legal opinion

Litigation Support Services

Dr. Weiss has special training and experience in the application of psychiatry to legal issues, including overlap with Internal Medicine and complex health issues. He works in areas where mental health and litigated or criminal cases in multiple jurisdictions. He offers objective evaluations and psychiatric consultation in a wide variety of legal matters, including expert testimony, as well as clinical work with perpetrators and victims.

Dr. Weiss provides expert opinions on mental health diagnostic, behavior, and treatment questions via written report, deposition, or courtroom testimony. He works with attorneys, courts, employers and other representative parties leading actual or potential litigation. He does not work with plaintiffs, defendants, or other parties as individuals. His research and assessment and his clinical practice cover areas such as:

Competency to stand trial (civil and criminal)
Competency to waive rights or legal representation
General Competency (to make a Will, consent to medical care, etc.)
Criminal Responsibility
Mental Disability
Involuntary Treatment
Correctional Psychiatry
Juvenile Justice
Violence and Abuse

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Addictionology, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Psychosomatic / Body Mind Disorder, Neurocognitive Disorders, Mental Disability, Juvenile Justice, Violence and Abuse, Impulse Control Disorders, Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders, Addiction Evaluation and Treatment, Disease Consultancy.


Dr. Weiss conducts forensic evaluations and serves as an expert witness for fitness-for-duty/competency to practice evaluations (return to work) for Texas Professional Boards (Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Veterinary, and Dental). He also does conducts evaluations for Travis County, private attorneys and psychiatric disability assessments in a Worker's Compensation setting. He serves as an expert witness in the Travis County Prison System and has testified in Texas jurisdictions.

Dr. Weiss is highly qualified to conduct Forensic Psychiatric evaluations and testify about:

• Psychiatric evaluations including Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) and competency
• Addiction/Substance Abuse
• Pain Management without addictive medications, like Fentanyl or OxyContin. He has treated high-pain and chronic pain conditions in the musculoskeletal system. He has been an invited speaker about Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and diseases of the elderly as an Internist and Psychiatrist. He has also spoken about the use of Alternative and Complementary medicine in medical and psychiatric practice.

• Lethal exposure to poisons, alcohol, and opioids—Dr. Weiss spent a year studying and working at the world-renowned Georgia Poison Center.
• Crossover conditions of Psychiatry and Internal Medicine (e.g., dementia versus pseudodementia due to depression, depression versus endocrinological conditions [hypothyroidism]; manic episode or anxiety disorder versus hyperthyroidism (reference
• Impact of Addiction on organ function (e.g., liver hepatitis or cirrhosis due to alcoholism, stroke due to cocaine or stimulants [amphetamine], kidney disease due to opioids [heroin nephropathy), etc.)

Areas Served

All States.

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Professional Experience

Forensic Experience: Contact or review for detailed information reflecting more than 30 years' experience as a licensed clinical physician.

Academic Experience:
Faculty Appointments (Partial List, Current and Past)

Texas A&M Health Sciences University. TX
Michael Reese Hospital of the University of Chicago, Addictionology. Chicago, IL.
Rush Medical College. Chicago, IL.
Chicago Osteopathic Medical College. Chicago, IL.

Hospital Administration and Treatment Leadership (Partial)

Infinite Recovery Rehabilitation Center, Medical Director. Austin, TX. 2016-2017
Austin Lakes Hospital, Director, Psychiatric Outpatient Services. Austin, TX. 2013-2014
Kaiser Permanente Southeast US Region, Acting Medical Director, Alcohol and Drug Program/Eating Disorders Intensive Outpatient Atlanta, GA. 2003-2004
Michael Reese Hospital of the University of Chicago, Chief of Outpatient Alcohol and Substance Abuse Dual Diagnosis Group, Psychotherapy. Chicago, IL. 1990-1993
St. Bernard Hospital, Chief Psychiatric Consultant of Partial Hospital Psychiatric Program. Chicago, IL.1998-1999
St. Bernard Hospital Dual Diagnosis Group Psychotherapy Program, Chief and Group Leader. Chicago, IL. 1997-1999
Chicago Osteopathic Hospital Dual Diagnosis Group Psychotherapy Program, Chief and Group Leader. Chicago, 1989-1997; Interim Psychiatric Inpatient Doctor. 1995-1997.

Private Clinical Practice

Psychiatry Austin, Private Patient Care-Clinical Austin, TX. 2013-present
Private Practice, Psychiatric Treatment. Atlanta, GA. 2002-2013
Private Practice, Psychiatric Treatment. Chicago, IL. 1990-1999
Internal Medicine Private Practice. Detroit, MI. 1986-1987
Internal Medicine Practice, Health Alliance Plan HMO. Detroit, MI. 1984-1986


Texas Medical License #P1833
Michigan Medical License #4301043591

Legal Experience & Services

Expert Witness, Travis County Prison System for Mentally Ill Offenders. 2016-present
Professional Recovery Network Evals for TX Pharmacy/Dental/Vet. Boards 2016-present
Medical Equations Worker's Compensation Evaluations & Expert Witness Testimony. Austin, 2016-present
Child Protective Services (CPS) in Texas Evaluator & Expert Witness, Austin, 2016-present
Illinois Department of Professional Regulation and Medical Disciplinary Board, Psychiatric and Internal Medicine Clinical Consultant. Chicago, 1993-1999
Drug Enforcement Administration, Psychiatric and Internal Medicine Chart Reviewer. Washington, DC. 1993-1999


Academic appointments, past and current, include Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine on the faculties of Chicago's Rush Medical College at Rush University Medical Center hospital (10 years), Northwestern University Medical School and Midwestern University, and Texas A&M Health Sciences University in Austin.
American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (AAPL)
American Psychiatric Association (APA)
American Medical Association (AMA)
Austin Psychiatric Society


20 years as a Board-Certified Forensic Psychiatrist and Psychiatrist; preceded by an active clinical practice as an internist (active Board-Certification); over 30 years in practice as a licensed and treating physician.
See and attached CV for detailed qualifications.
Testimony experience
Active clinical practice
Travis County, Texas Evaluations
Texas Medical Board evaluations
Former Director of hospitals and treatment centers for Addiction

Awards & Honors

Sigma Xi Research Society of North America, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Chapter, 1975-present
Summer Research Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1974
Honors Grade: Internal Medicine, Wayne State University Medical School, 1978-1979
Honors Grade: Radiology, Wayne State University Medical School, 1978-1979
Summer Psychiatry Clinical Fellowship, W.S.U. Medical School

Seminars & Training

Presentations, including CLE Education for Attorneys:
Stress, Isolation and Other Topics Which We Face in this Time of COVID, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, “Mindful Monday” Series, attendees >100. Continuing Legal Education. 2020
Traumatic Brain Injury, State Bar of Texas Advanced Workers' Compensation Law Course, co-sponsored by the Workers' Compensation Law Section of the State Bar of Texas. Continuing Legal Education. 2020
Competency to Stand Trial: A Psychiatrist's Viewpoint, Travis County Mental Health Court. Continuing Legal Education. 2019
Forensic Interviewing, Travis County Mental Health Court. Continuing Legal Education. 2017
Forensic Interviewing, Capacity for Justice, providing interdisciplinary education for judges, attorneys, psychiatrists and psychologists, Continuing Legal Education. 2016
DSM – 5 Revisions to the Autism Spectrum Diagnosis, Webb County Texas Head Start. 2013
Essential Principles in Treating the Dually Disordered, WellStar Behavioral Health Services CEU Accredited. Atlanta, GA. 2005
Addiction Diagnosis and Treatment, Georgia State University Occupational Medicine Graduate Program. 2005
Medical Aspects of Psychiatric Assessments, Ridgeview Hospital/Institute Nursing Staff and Atlanta Medical Center and Hospital Psychiatric Evaluation Team. 2005
Fibromyalgia: a Body/Mind Disease, Presented to: Atlanta Medical Center Internal Medicine Residents and Ridgeview Institute Quarterly Physician's Staff Meeting (CME Accredited) 2004, and Kaiser Permanente CME Conference and Crescent Centre and Cumberland Regional Clinics. 2002
Stress and the Body/Mind Relationship, Presented to: Chicago Osteopathic and Olympia Fields Family Medicine Department: Sponsored by SmithKline Beecham, Inc. and Rush North Shore Medical Center Psychiatric Grand Rounds and Glencoe Illinois Public Library. 1996; also presented to Michael Reese Hospital Psychiatric Grand Rounds and Chicago Osteopathic Hospital Psychiatric Grand Rounds and Hospital Psychiatric Grand Rounds. 1995


“Dealing with Stress, Isolation & Illness in the Age of COVID from a Psychiatric Perspective,” Voice for the Defense. Vol. 50, No. 1. Voice for the Defense In print and Online. 26 Jan. 2021, for-the-defense-vol-50-no-1/.
“Traumatic Brain Injury: Medical-Legal Aspects,” Chapter 11.3; State Bar of Texas 17th Annual Advanced Workers' Compensation Law, Aug. 2020
“Stress and Its Taxing Effects on the Body,” Illinois State Medical Society Journal: “Your Health Matters,” (sole author.) Apr 1999
“Addictions Update,” Medical Update, Rush North Shore Physicians Journal, (sole author.) Spring 1996
“Psychosocial Treatment of the Geropsychiatric Patient,” International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry,8:95-100, (first author.) 1993
“Toward Healing the Doctor-Patient Relationship.” Publication of Mental Health Services, St. Francis Hospital of Evanston, 1:1 (Fall, 1990) Number 1, Fall, 1990. ( Sole author)
“The Doctor Guinea Pigs.“ (Book Review) Medical Tribune: July 18, 1984 ( Sole author)
“Doctors and Patients, Life and Death at a Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.” Book Review, Medical Tribune, June 1984

Professional References

Available on Request.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, B.S. Mathematics, Minor in Nutrition and Food Science. Cambridge, MA. 1975
Wayne State University School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine. Detroit, MI. 1979
Henry Ford Hospital of the University of Michigan Medical School, Internal Medicine Resident. Detroit, MI. 1980-1982
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center of New York Hospital, Cornell University Medical School, Fellow of Clinical Nutrition. New York, NY. 1982-1984
Michael Reese Hospital of the University of Chicago Medical School, Psychiatry Resident. Chicago, IL. 1987-1990

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