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Lesnevich & Detwiler: Forensic Document and Handwriting Laboratory

Lesnevich & Detwiler: Forensic Document and Handwriting Laboratory

7550 Woodbury Pike
Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania 16673

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With over 55 years of experience specializing in the examination and analysis of signatures, writings, and documents, we are one of the most sophisticated private forensic document laboratories in the United States; including the capabilities to perform all aspects of non-destructive forensic document and handwriting examinations. We are often retained (both nationally and internationally) by law firms, government agencies, insurance companies, banking institutions, fortune 500 corporations and other private entities to handle any issue involving the authenticity of documents, writings and signatures (i.e. wills and other testamentary documents, medical records, insurance policy forms, deeds, mortgages, banking transaction documents, contracts and anonymous/threatening letters) in both civil and criminal matters.

We are court qualified in state, federal and international jurisdictions; and have earned a stellar reputation for producing highly-effective court demonstratives in support of our findings when providing expert witness testimony in every matter.


Lesnevich & Detwiler Forensic Document Laboratory offers the following types of expertise and services:

All aspects of Forensic Document Examination including: Bank Forgery, Insurance Fraud, Document / Record Analysis, Document Analysis, Document Classification, Document Comparison, Document Examination, Document Identification, Document Imaging, Document Retrieval, Electrostatic Image Analysis, Facsimile Identification, Indented Writing Development, Forensic Document Examination, Forensic Handwriting Comparison, Forgery, Handwriting and Document Analysis, Handwriting Analysis, Handwriting Comparison, Handwriting Examination, Handwriting Identification and Elimination, Signature Analysis, Signature Examination, Signature Verification, Ink Chemistry, Ink Dating, Ink Differentiation, Paper Dating, Paper Differentiation, Paper Identification, Photocopy Identification, Questioned Documents, Records Alterations, Signature Disputes, Text / Font Analysis, Typewriting Identification / Analysis, Document Origination and Authentication, Handwriting Authentication, Signature Authentication, Forgery Detection (insertions, obliterations, page substitutions, font discrepancies and security features), Non-destructive Ink and Paper Analysis (Video Spectral Analysis - VSC: Infrared and Ultraviolet), Non-destructive Indentation Analysis (Electrostatic Detection Apparatus - ESDA), typewriter / typewriting Analysis, Counterfeit Detection, Document Preservation, Deciphering Obliterations, Electronic Signature Analysis and Verification, Elder Abuse Fraud, Sexual Harassment, Anonymous and Threatening Letters and Communications, Wrongful Termination, Workplace Violence, Laboratory Services, Forensic Science, Reports, Expert Reports, Depositions, Production of Court Exhibit Illustrations, Court Demonstratives, Expert Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony.

We are committed to bringing the highest level of expertise to all of our clients in every aspect of their case, from beginning to end. In addition to the services listed above, we also offer extensive litigation and investigative support in the form of confidential consultation regarding the entire Forensic Document Examination discipline as a whole; including assistance with evaluating and interpreting the credentials and opinions of other practitioners within our field. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the tools necessary to not only use our services, but to understand them as well. We practice on the belief that education is not only essential in any expert retention, it is the absolute cornerstone to a successful outcome!

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Forensic Handwriting, Electronic Signature Analysis & Verification (Medical Records, Insurance Forms and Point of Sale Merchants); Ink and Paper Analysis; Indented Writing Analysis (Impression Analysis); Threatening and Anonymous Letters; Evidence Imaging and Preservation.


We possess a strong sense of professionalism that comes from proper training, experience, and credentials; and have built our reputations as highly-respected forensic document examiners through our extensive experience in the laboratory and the courtroom, involving both national and international matters. Some of our notable cases are as follows:

-Retained by the Pennsylvania Innocence Project and Dechert LLP in the successful exoneration of Shaurn Thomas who spent 24 years in prison for a murder that he did not commit (Philadelphia, PA)

-Paul D. Ceglia v. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and Facebook Inc.

-AlGosabi (AHAB) vs. Maan Al Sanea (SAAD Group) (Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)

-Chevron v. Donzinger, et. al., (S.D.N.Y.); Aguinda v. Chevron (Lago Agrio, Ecuador); Chevron v. Republic of Ecuador (The Hague, Netherlands)

-The Islamic Bank of Asia Limited v. Ahmad Hamad Algosaibi & Brothers Company (Singapore)

-Kenneth Starr, Office of Independent Counsel (Whitewater Investigation)

-Lawrence E. Walsh, Office of Independent Counsel (Iran-Contra Affair)

-U.S. vs. Osama Bin Laden (U.S. Embassy Bombing in Africa)

-U.S. vs. Wesley Snipes

-U.S. vs. Lawrence Cusack (President Kennedy Papers)

-People vs. Anthony D. Marshall and Francis X. Morrissey, Jr. (Brooke Astor)

Consulting Practice

All States & International

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Professional Experience

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(814)793-2377 - Roaring Spring, PA
(215) 800-0120 - Philadelphia, PA
(412) 430-3887 - Pittsburgh, PA

(814) 932-9047

Legal Experience & Services

We are court qualified in State, Federal and International Jurisdictions. For more information, please contact us for a current testimony list.


ASTM International (E-30 – Forensic Science)
International Association for Identification (IAI)
American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)
Northeastern Association of Forensic Sciences (NEAFS)
Midwestern Association of Forensic Sciences, INC. (MAFS)
Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists (MAAFS)
American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (ASQDE)

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