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Meridian Engineering & Technology, Inc. - Dr. Gary Hutter, P. E., CSP

4228 Commercial Way
Glenview, Illinois 60025

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Meridian Engineering & Technology is a Safety Consulting firm, providing services in both forensic and non-forensic activities. Dr. Gary Hutter is the President of the firm and has over 35 years of experience and training in safety, mechanical, environmental and industrial hygiene engineering.

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Articles Published by Meridian Engineering & Technology, Inc. - Dr. Gary Hutter, P. E., CSP

 "Safeguarding Machines with an Ergonomic Spin" Reprint

While the NSC publications provide generous guidance, two aspects they do not address fully are the application and implication of ergonomics and human factors in the design of machine safeguards.

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 OSHA Review Board Membership on Machine Guarding Safety

Below is the OSHA information concerning participation on the OSHA safety Machine Guarding Issues. Dr Hutter is identified below along with other volunteers

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 "Matters of Interpretation" on the Issues of Confined Space & LOTO

Confined Space entry and Lockout & Tagout under OSHA are procedural standards... using procedures and practices to a significant degree. Due to this, there are always "questions" of what a certain section may mean. OSHA has offered numerous interpretations, and this article discusses some of those. This article appeared in the February 2005 issue of Occupational Health & Safety.

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 Interlocks as Machine Safety Devices

Interlocks are often required by codes and standards, but sometimes, where there is no such requirement, the safety philosophy of the configuration needs to be examined. The following article, previously published in a safety journal, discusses some related issues.

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