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Michael Levine

P.O. Box 533
Stone Ridge, New York 12484

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Michael Levine, during his decades of trial experience has qualified as an expert witness, for both prosecution and plaintiff as well defense, in federal and state courts in 19 states, Puerto Rico and 8 foreign nations. Since 2012, he has been called upon by two major Metropolitan Area District Attorney's Office is to review police involved shootings and testify before grand juries. He offers full trial consulting and investigative services in both criminal and civil matters: Expert Witness File Review and Strategy Assessment; Case Particular

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Link Blind Mules-Fiction or Fact - What Defense Attorneys Need to Know

The tactics used by drug traffickers, gun runners, terrorists and criminal informants to seduce unwitting and/or gullible dupes into the commission of crimes, in most cases, due to criminal defense attorneys not understanding the inner workings of the seduction process,(detailed in this article) result in convictions and/or guilty pleas.

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Link The Weakest Link

The mishandling of informants by unqualified law enforcement and covert agency personnel at the highest levels of management, has led to horrific tragedies, from the killing of innocent citizens and false arrests to the opening of the heart of America to terrorist actions.

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