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Nevium Intellectual Property Consultants

Nevium Intellectual Property Consultants

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Nevium is founded on intellectual property and intangible asset (IP) valuation. Nevium's services include valuation for tax, estate, M&A and business transactions; expert witness damages testimony and monetization and management strategies. Our projects focus on a variety of IP and intangibles, including: trademarks, copyrights, patents, domain names, rights of publicity, social media, Internet assets and other related intangibles.


Nevium offers the following services:

- IP Valuation

Nevium has conducted formal and informal IP valuations for a variety of industries ranging from biotech to entertainment. Our valuation assignments often include entire portfolios of intellectual property and intangible assets. We have also valued single assets or similar groups of assets such as: trademarks, copyrights, internet & social media assets, brands, patents, publicity rights, and trade secrets.

- IP Damages

Nevium's intellectual property, finance and damages experts provide IP expert witness testimony related to economic damages, lost profits, unjust enrichment and reasonable royalties in matters involving copyright, trademark and patent infringement. Our experts also provide testimony in cases involving Internet and social media infringement, right of publicity misuse, business interruption, breach of contract, trade secret misappropriation, defamation, false advertising and business valuation. We author Rule 26 reports for federal claims, as well as develop and present opinions and demonstratives for state court claims, arbitration and mediation proceedings. Our experts are trial-tested and have been engaged by counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants.

- IP Strategy

Nevium has applied its business, finance, economic and IP expertise to work with investors, owners, managers, executives and boards to develop IP Strategies, identify IP monetization opportunities, evaluate transactions and improve financial performance. We work with your teams to develop cash flow forecasts, build sensitivity models, prepare capital tables, optimize pricing, quantify the costs and benefits of potential licensing arrangements and create investor memorandums and board presentations.

- IP Infringement Investigation

Nevium assists attorneys in proving and defining IP infringement on websites and social media accounts. Whether the misuse includes copyrighted marketing materials, trademark use hidden in html or the use of a celebrity's name and likeness in a false endorsement, we can assist with proving the misuse.

Litigation Support Services

Nevium provides trial-tested experts for cases involving intellectual property infringement, defamation, and economic damages. Nevium's principals have been engaged by counsel for plaintiffs and defendants to provide expert opinions and testimony in state and federal courts, arbitration and mediation proceedings.

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Nevium IP Consultants provides solutions for valuing, managing and monetizing intellectual properties and intangible assets. We work with entrepreneurs, corporations, legal counsel and IP owners to analyze and maximize the value of IP assets.

As an innovator and thought leader in the IP Community, Nevium provides intellectual property valuation, IP infringement damages calculations and IP strategic advisory services. We serve and advise IP counsel, litigators, IP owners and business executives.

Nevium specializes in intellectual property valuations and expert testimony. We provide the IP community with a visionary approach to calculating and communicating the financial impact of trademarks, copyrights, patents, brands and intangible assets.

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