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Recently retired Sergeant II+1 Los Angeles Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Supervisor. Worked numerous assignments over the past 29 years to include: SWAT, K9, Vice, Narcotics, Jail Operations, Internal Affairs, Gangs, Crisis Negotiation Team, Detective, and Patrol.

Since my retirement I have been employed as a Chief Security Officer (CSO) for companies will billions of dollars in assets. I have been retained over 170 times in both Plaintiff and Defense matters in the last three years on high profile police and security matters throughout the United States. I have been qualified in both Federal and State Court as a Use of Force, Police Procedures, and Security Expert. I submit well crafted Rule 26 Reports and Declarations in a timely manner.

During my career, I have received the Medal of Valor (Bravery), Police Star (Bravery) and the Purple Heart as well as over 100 Commendations from the Los Angeles Police Department. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree (Northeastern University) and a Masters of Public Administration Degree (California State University-Long Beach). I have served our country Honorably in the United States Army.


On-Scene Consulting Group, LLC offers services in the following areas of expertise:

Use of Force (Less than Lethal and Lethal); Police K9; SWAT; Crisis Negotiations; Law Enforcement Narcotics Investigations; Police Pursuit; Law Enforcement Driving Under the Influence (DUI); Internal Affairs/Police Corruption Investigation; Law Enforcement VICE; Law Enforcement Gang; Law Enforcement Patrol; Police Procedures/Training; Private Security; Negligent Security; Bar and Restaurant Security; Bureau of Security and Investigative Services; Critical Infrastructure/Risk and Vulnerability Assessment; Shopping Malls and Retail Stores Security; and Security Training/Procedures.

Litigation Support Services

Mock trials and Case Management to include Deposition Preparation and Consulting.

Areas of Expertise


Recently retired Sergeant II+1 Los Angeles Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics(SWAT). Worked numerous assignments over the past 29 years to include: SWAT, K9, Vice, Narcotics, Jail Operations, Internal Affairs, Gangs, Crisis Negotiation Team and Patrol. Presently a Chief Security Officer for a major investment company with over 2 billion dollars in assets. Conduct SWAT/Tactical training, Private Security Training, Emergency Operations Training in the United States and overseas. Retained on numerous high profile matters throughout the United States involving Police Procedures, Use of Force, Use of Lethal Force, SWAT Operations, K9, Internal Affairs/Corruption, Narcotics, Service of Search Warrants, Criminal Defense, Premise Liability and Security.

Maintain an outstanding working relationship with attorneys to ensure the client receives unparalleled service. Submission of well researched and written Rule 26 Reports and Declarations in a timely manner. During my tenure with the Los Angeles Police Department, I received over 100 Commendations to include the Medal of Valor, Purple Heart and Police Star. Qualified Use of Force, Police Procedures and Security Expert in both State and Federal Court.

Core Accomplishments
Purple Heart (LAPD), Medal of Valor (LAPD), Police Star (LAPD) and over 100 Los Angeles Police Department and citizen commendations.

Consulting Practice

I have testified in matters in both Federal and State Court in several States. I am available in all States.

Professional Experience

L&R Group of Companies, Director of Security
March 2016-Present

Director of Security
June 2014 to March 2016
Universal Protection Service - Los Angeles, CA
Direct supervision of 84 Security Professionals at the City National Plaza. Conducted and or facilitated all Bureau of Security Investigative Services (BSIS) training to Security Professionals. Ensured all Security Professionals were compliant with BSIS security training and licensing. Conducted the following training to Security Professionals and Tenants on an ongoing basis: Fire Life Safety, Evacuation Drills, Active Shooter, Workplace Violence, Security Procedures and Protocols, Responding to Incidents Involving the Mentally Ill, Hazardous Materials and Internal Theft. Conducted ongoing Risk and Vulnerability Assessments of the City National Plaza to include security staffing and deployment, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), and protocols to respond and mitigate threats. Developed Security and Fire Life Safety Manuals for Security Professionals and Tenants. Coordinated all security efforts to ensure safety at Special Events. Conducted internal investigations and worked in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) on an ongoing basis.

Deputy Sheriff (Lateral)
June 2013 to June 2014
Riverside County Sheriff’s Department - Riverside, California
April 2014-June 2014
- Assigned to Jurupa Valley Station Field Deputy Training Program. Conducted all facets of patrol service to include: calls for service, self-initiated field activity, arrests, citations, and court testimony.
June 2013-April 2014
- Assigned to Robert Presley Detention Center (RPDC). Processed and monitored inmate population from initial intake, housing, court, transportation and release. Conducted searches of inmate population as well as the facility on an ongoing basis. Utilized experience as a gang officer, Detective and Sergeant with LAPD to conduct interviews and interrogations of prisoners regarding a myriad of investigations. Provided information to gang detail. Functioned as a mentor to newly appointed Deputy Sheriff's as well as Supervisors. Attended and certified in RSO Supplemental Jail Operations Core Course prior to deployment at RPDC. Attended on-going training to include: Use of Force (Lethal and Non-Lethal), Crisis Negotiation Training, Active Listening Skills Training, Report Writing, Response and Deployment to Critical Incidents, and Proper Protocols and Procedures when responding to a medical incident or suicide.

Vice President of Security Operations
June 2010 to April 2013
Caruso Affiliated - Los Angeles, CA
Identified and conducted risk and vulnerability assessments for all Caruso Affiliated Developments, projected developments/investments, and residences. Utilized strategic-level analysis from the intelligence community, law enforcement and the private sector. Ensured a coordinated ability to identify and monitor potential or actual incidents among critical infrastructure domains and all personal and professional interests of Caruso Affiliated. Mitigated expected threats. Utilized preplanned, coordinated actions in response to infrastructure warnings or incidents. Responded to hostilities. Identified and eliminated the cause, or source, of an infrastructure event by the utilization of emergency response measures to include: on-site security personnel, local law enforcement, medical and fire rescue and relevant investigative agencies. Conducted all facets of security training for the company and employees. Formulated Business Continuity and CEO Succession Plans for the company and all affiliated business interests. Conducted ongoing audits and internal investigations.

Sergeant II+1 Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Supervisor
August 2005 to June 2010
Los Angeles Police Department - Los Angeles, California
Supervised the response and tactical intervention during barricaded subject incidents. Supervised the coordination and facilitation of high risk warrant services. Supervised the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) during barricaded and suicidal subject incidents. Provided all aspects of tactical and crisis negotiation training to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Developed SWAT's Counter-Terrorism and Training Cadre to include the preparation and submission of federal and state grants for the acquisition of equipment. Responded and trained Mumbai local and state police officers following the 2007 terrorist attack in Mumbai India. Developed tactics involving multiple venue, multiple attackers. Completed audits, employee performance reviews, investigative reports and internal investigations. Conducted use of force investigations on SWAT incidents and submitted reports to the Officer-in-Charge for his review and approval. Testified in court and at administrative hearings.

Sergeant II+1 Metropolitan Division K9 Platoon
April 2000 to September 2005
Los Angeles Police Department - Los Angeles, California
Supervised and conducted all facets of K9 training. Ensured that all K9 deployments conformed to the K9 deployment criteria, through training of personnel and supervision of K9 searches. Provided on-scene command during critical incidents at Command Posts. Completed all requisite administrative reports to include audits, K9 Deployment Reports, Training Records and other administrative duties. Conducted use of force investigations and K9 contacts. Submitted all reports to Officer-in-Charge for his review and approval. Testified in court, depositions and at administrative hearings. Wrote 2002 LAPD Metropolitan Division K9 Platoon Manual.

Sergeant II-77th Division Vice, Officer-in-Charge
February 1999 to March 2000
Los Angeles Police Department - Los Angeles, California
Supervised investigations involving pimping, pandering, prostitution, bookmaking, gaming, gambling and other vice related activities. Conducted audits and administrative reports. Prepared and served search warrants for the above-mentioned crimes. Supervised twelve undercover officers and six uniformed officers on a daily basis. Worked in conjunction with other Department entities on sensitive investigations. Completed rating reports for subordinates assigned to the Unit. Conducted use of force investigations, audits, personnel complaints and other administrative tasks. Submitted all reports to the Officer-in-Charge for his review and approval. Testified in court, depositions and at administrative hearings.

Management Services Division Supervisor-Sergeant
November 1997 to March 1999
Los Angeles Police Department - Los Angeles, California
Conducted research projects, directives and correspondence at the direction of the Chief of Police. Reviewed staff work by subordinates. Conducted follow-up investigations as required to ensure that policies and procedures were adhered to by all organizational units within the Department. Conducted large scale audits and investigations. Served a six-month loan on the Rampart Corruption Task Force investigating and auditing use of force reports. Staff writer for the 2000 Los Angeles Police Department Manual.

Hollenbeck Division Special Enforcement Group Officer-in-Charge
November 1996 to November 1997
Los Angeles Police Department - Los Angeles, California
Provided supervisory oversight of eighteen police officers and detectives during gang investigations, crime suppression and the service of high-risk search warrants. Provided all aspects of tactical training. Completed audits, employee ratings and administrative duties. Monitored and reviewed gang and narcotic investigations to ensure compliance with Department policy. Conduced use of force investigations. Submitted all investigative and administrative reports to the Commanding Officer for his review and approval. Testified in court, depositions and at administrative hearings.

Police Officer
October 1989 to March 1995
Los Angeles Police Department - Los Angeles, California
Functioned in numerous roles as a Police Officer I, II, and III to include: Patrol, Field Training Officer (FTO), Vice, Special Enforcement Group, Divisional CRASH (gangs) and Operation Central Bureau CRASH (gangs). Selected to Specialized Units based on high performance and ability to work well in small cohesive units throughout the Department. Testified in court on a multitude of matters. Certified in court as a narcotic, gang, and vice expert.

Special Agent-Organized Crime Drug Task Force (OCDETF)
June 1988 to October 1989
Department of Treasury, United States Customs Service- San Francisco, California
Special Agent assigned to a multi-agency narcotics task force. Investigated major suppliers of narcotics and dangerous drugs who were engaged in illegal activities on an organized and commercial basis in an undercover capacity. Prepared and served search warrants. Worked in conjunction with the Assistant United States Attorney in San Francisco. Testified in Federal and at Asset Forfeiture Hearings.

United States Army Reserve
June 1983 to June 1989
Honorable Discharge as E-4. Military Occupational Skill (MOS)-72E-Combat Infantry Communications


Peace Officers Association of Los Angeles County (POALAC)
Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE)
Los Angeles Police Protective League (1989-2010)
Public Administration Advisory Committee (1996-1998)
California Peace Officers Association

Awards & Honors

Medal of Valor (Bravery), Police Star (Bravery), Purple Heart and over 100 Commendations by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Seminars & Training

Training (Received and Provided Training):
Weapons Training/Qualification on Monthly Basis-M-4, MP-5, Benelli Shotgun, Kimber/.45/1911, Remington 870 Shotgun, Glock Force Option Simulator (Quarterly). Quarterly mandatory weapons certification from November 1989-June 2010.

Additional Training/Certification(s): (11/1989-06/2010)

Supervisor Training: Incident Command System 100-800. Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors, Career
Development for Supervisors, Standards Based Assessments for Supervisors, Supervisors Consent Decree Training, Vehicle Pursuit Policy Supervisor Training, Watch Commander School, Retaliation Training, RMIS TEAMS II (Non-Categorical Use of Force Supervisor Training), Ethics in Law Enforcement, Career Survival Workshops, Problem Oriented Policing and the SARA Model, Cultural Diversity Tools for Tolerance, ICI Instructor, Instructor Development Course (IDC), Officer Involved Shootings Administrative Investigations Training, Prop 115-Hearsay Evidence Training, Managing Workplace Conflict, CLETS-NCIC, Re-training, Racial Profiling, West Point Leadership School for Supervisors, Basic Supervisor School.

HAZMAT Training: Advanced Chemical and Biological Integrated Response, LAFD Hazardous Materials Technical Specialist (A-D)-Certified HAZMAT Technician, Technical Emergency Response Training, Law Enforcement Protective Measures.

Crisis Negotiations/Mental Health Training: Hostage Negotiations- Advanced, Behavioral Sciences Services Section, Officer-Involved Shooting/Barricaded Subject Services Debriefs, Crisis Negotiation Training and Curriculum Development for West Point Military Academy, Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Training (Volunteered and Supervised on an ongoing basis), Mood Disorders/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Training, Communicating with People with Disabilities, Mental Health Introduction MEU-SMART Orientation, Mental Illness Update, Drug Recognition Expert Training and Certification, Under the Influence-11550 Health and Safety Code Training, and Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths Training on Recognizing Agonal & Other Breathing Problems (2015).

Tactical Training: Crowd Management Control, Search and Arrest Warrant Tactics, Less than Lethal Use of Force Training and Certification TASER MX-26 Train the Trainer (Trainer/Instructor Certification), Tactics Against Hostile Dogs, End of Pursuit Tactics Overview, Communication-Keeping Your Edge, Crowd Management and Control, Officer Rapid Deployment, Arrest and Control Trainer Certification, Animal Shootings, Mobile Field Force Supervisor Train the Trainer, Officer Survival-Shooting, PPE Update, Pursuit Intervention Techniques for Supervisors, Baton/Impact Weapon, Canine Handler Course, Advanced Canine Supervisor Course, Basic Metro School, Collapsible Baton, Special Operations Training, Officer Safety Field Tactics, Mobile Field Force Training, Narcotics/Tactical Entry Update, Field Training Officer Update, Standard Emergency Management System, Detective School, CPR-First Aid Recertification, Basic Arrest and Control Techniques, Driver Awareness Training, Undercover Operations, Interrogation Techniques, VICE School, 37mm Baton Round Training, Civil Unrest Response Training, Hobble Training, Advanced Field Officer Course, Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Gas Training, Search Warrant Counter Measures, Riverside Sheriff’s Department Jail Operations Course to include Title XV.

California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Commission: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Supervisory Certificates.

Outside Training: Dale Carnegie 12-week Public Speaking School, Americans for Effective Law Enforcement(AELE) Certified Litigation Expert Courses, Use of Force By The Numbers: 4, 8, 14 (Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths-IPICD), California Specialized Training Unit Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations Weapons of Mass Destruction Law Enforcement Field Support Course, Louisiana State University Screening of Persons by Observational Techniques (SPOT), Subconscious Communication for Detecting Danger by International Academy for Linguistics and Kinesics, Department of Homeland Security WMD Radiological/Nuclear Course of Hazardous Materials Technicians, UNLV WMD Radiological/Nuclear Awareness Train-The Trainer Course, FEMA Advanced Chemical and Biological Integrated Response Course Mobile Training Event, FEMA WMD Law Enforcement Threat, Hazard Recognition, and Emergency Actions Training, CSTI Technician/Specialist 1A-D, DHS WMD Tactical Commander Management and Planning. Licensed California Private Investigator (License No. 29151). Certified California Criminal Defense Investigator.

Professional References

Will provide list of attorney references upon request.


Master of Arts : Public Administration, 1998
California State University - Long Beach, California, United States

Bachelor of Science : Criminal Justice, 1988
Northeastern University - Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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