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OVC, INC. (OVC Lawyer Marketing) is owned and operated by Greg Wildman. Online Video Concepts, LLC creates and produces videos for lawyer websites. We also distribute the videos to 3rd parties for search engine results. From websites to search engine optimization to videos, social media, blogs and special legal directory packages, OVC has the knowledge and experience to get your law firm found on the internet. We have over 10 years experience working with law firms in the Chicago area.

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 9 Tips for Today's Attorney Marketing Strategy

Attorneys cannot afford to lose sight of the fundamental strategies that can often grow their practice. Even though your attorney marketing campaign may be purring like a kitten, revisiting a few suggestions of yesteryear may also prove healthy for your bottom line.

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 Beating the Clock: Time Management Tips for Attorneys

Time is of the essence. According to ABC News, Americans spend too much time burning the candle at both ends. We spend more time at the office in sharp contrast to our counterparts: the UK; France; Germany; Norway and quite surprisingly Japan. American workers top the list of least vacation days taken, longer hours, and and a rocky road to the promise land of retirement. American attorneys are not exempt.

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 Let's Chat: Attorney's Expanding Website Functionality via Click-to-Chat Technology

80% of all legal Internet traffic is driven by prospective clients who are seeking answers to legal questions. Click-to-Chat software is the answer.

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 YouTube for Attorneys: Rounding out Your Social Media Campaign

Seventy percent of Americans are previewing online videos daily. So, what better way to make an indelible first impression than YouTube?

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