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Peter Combs - Architect/Expert Witness

Peter Combs - Architect/Expert Witness

21 Wolfcliff Road Northeast
White (Atlanta), Georgia 30184

Phone(404) 790-1140

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Peter Combs is an expert with 28 years of trial experience specializing in architecture, construction, ADA compliance, building codes, disabled access, contract disputes, water intrusion and forensic reconstruction of accident sites when only photographs are available and much more.


Mr. Combs provides unbiased and impartial expert testimony and litigation support services for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. He can analyze stairs, ramps, windows, water intrusion problems, slip and falls, handrails, guardrails, curb ramps, skylights, drawings, construction flaws, the standard of care and more.

Litigation Support Services

Mr. Combs provides unbiased and impartial expert testimony and litigation support services for plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Architectural Codes; Construction Drawings; Stairs; ADA Compliance; Ramps.


Mr. Combs has been registered as an Architect in Georgia, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, New York, Colorado, Alabama and Ohio. He has over 40 years of widely varied experience as a practicing architect as well as hands-on construction experience. This makes him uniquely qualified to evaluate construction methods and drawings to detect errors and omissions and to evaluate buildings to determine if building codes or ADA regulations have been violated.

Projects worked on include: a Hyatt Hotel in San Francisco, a merchandise mart in Brussels Belgium, a corporate headquarters for a manufacturing firm Alabama, a multifamily residential complex in Arizona, automobile dealerships, retail stores, shopping malls, residences, office buildings, restaurants, the Discovery School in Charleston SC, new offices for the Carter Presidential Center and a restaurant in Atlanta’s Woodruff Memorial Arts Center.

Consulting Practice

Mr. Combs works in all states.

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Registered Architect


Expert Cases: Worked on to date: 200
Deposed: 70
Court appearances: 10

Seminars & Training

"Building Environments That Are Free of Out-Gassing from Building Materials," Health Environment Analysis Laboratory (HEAL), 1989.

"The Role of Building Codes in Preventing Slip and Fall Injuries," Institute of Continuing Legal Education, October 15, 2004, Georgia.


- Frank Lloyd Wright Can Build Here, Southern Homes, March 1987.

â- Computer Aided Design for Architects, - Architectural Record, 1988.


Architecture, University of Florida

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