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Physician Assistant Expert Witness Services provides litigation support to the legal community concerning standard of care issues related to physician assistant malpractice on a nationwide basis.

I have been a physician assistant for thirty five years and have been continually board certified by the National Commission on the Certification of Physician Assistants. As a physician assistant expert, my areas of clinical practice presently involve family practice, emergency/urgent care medicine and correctional medicine.

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Link The Selection of a Physician Assistant Expert Witness

When an attorney is in need of an expert witness physician assistant early retention and involvement of the expert can provide additional assistance to the attorney. This article reviews areas to consider when evaluating a potential physician assistant expert as well as a brief overview of the profession. It should be very valuable to the attorney who has not needed the expertise of a PA in a prior case.

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Link The Physician Assistant as an Expert Witness (Revisited)

A brief history of the physician assistant profession, it's development and it's role in the medico-legal community.

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