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PracticeProfs generates measurable new business revenue at a reduced cost for law firms through management and crisp execution of all online and offline marketing and sales activities. With a unique understanding of the buyer, PracticeProfs benchmarks and augments current firm initiatives, creates and delivers a compelling message to the right audience at the right time, and tracks the entire process from initial awareness through new client acquisition and ROI.

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Link Will You Convert?

Website traffic can be as useful as Atlanta traffic. Here are 5 ways to get more visitors to contact your firm. This morning I was in the office catching up on some email. It was interesting that the majority of marketing articles in my mailbox talked about how to generate website "traffic" from one source or another. A successful business, they claimed, requires SEO, pay-per-click, Facebook ads, Tweets, and [insert social media cliché here] to drive that traffic.

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Link Distinguish and Dismiss

Why do your clients choose your law firm over others? Is it just because you’ve got licensed professionals who come into the office every day and do their jobs? Probably not. So why do so many firms resort to these types of generic statements on their websites and in other collateral?

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Link How Much Time Do You Spend Marketing to Prospective Clients?

Did you know that you can cut out a good chunk of your advertising budget and improve marketing results by just implementing an ongoing content marketing campaign? Since it's sometimes difficult to understand why an established firm needs to keep pushing its message to prospective clients, here's a cheesy old sales analogy.

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Link Is Your Firm's Marketing Active or Passive?

There are a number of ways to describe our firms’ marketing efforts, but let’s keep this easy and just use two distinct terms – active and passive. Passive marketing, or waiting for the fish to swim into your net, is fine, and part of an marketing plan. But think about adding some active (or proactive) elements, chumming the water and pulling the net to the fish, to have a truly integrated approach that delivers the best long-term results. Here are some low-cost ideas.

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Link Introducing the Content Quality Quotient - Is Your Content the Cream of the Crop, or Crap?

Before you publish your next website page, blog post, or presentation, check it against the Content Quality Quotient to see how your audience may perceive your marketing efforts. I’ve seen a lot of online discussion recently about the quality of the content that we’re including in our websites, blogs, and other communications. Is it educational? Does it speak to the right audience? Does it speak English?

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Link Closing the Professional Services “Sale” - Five Tips for Landing the Next Client

Here are a few simple sales tactics that you can employ to improve your close ratio, meaning the percentage of perspective clients who become clients. I know. You’re not technically in a sales position. You are a professional. I also bet that just doing a great job is not enough of a magnet to attract and retain every prospective client. You can always improve, and that’s why it helps to think like a sales rep sometimes.

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