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Pyrocop, Inc.

9431 Haven Avenue, Suite 210
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

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Pyrocop, Inc. is a Southern California based fire consulting company that specializes in fire loss case review and fire/building code interpretation for both civil and criminal litigation. In addition to litigation support, Pyrocop, Inc. also provides assistance to developers and business owners with fire code issues that may arise during the planning stages of their particular projects or during plan review and the inspection process. Pyrocop is well versed in both fire and building codes and standards and is well connected and respected in

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Link Fire Investigations and “The Scientific Method - Change is Good!”

"Over time, there have been significant changes in the standard of care for conducting a fire investigation. Therefore, it is essential that fire experts and attorneys become familiar with the guidelines of NFPA 921, particularly the investigative process referred to as the "Scientific Method".

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