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Since 1987, Restaurant Expert Witness Howard Cannon has specialized in only restaurant and bar industry legal matters with 250+ Litigation and 300+ Pre-Litigation and Consulting projects to his credit.

Restaurant Expert Witness, Restaurant Safety Expert, Food Safety Expert, Hospitality Industry Expert Witness, Restaurant Litigation Support, Restaurant OSHA Expert, Dram Shop & Alcohol Services, Food Contamination Expert Witness, Slip, Restaurant Premises Liability Expert, Restaurant Business Damages Expert, Employment.

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Articles Published by Restaurant Expert Witness - Howard Cannon, CEO

Link Winning Slip & Fall Cases in Restaurants

Do you want to win your slip, trip, and fall cases that take place in restaurants? Of course, you do. Did you know that slips, trips, and falls in the restaurant industry are completely different from slips, trips, and falls in any other industry? Here we will help you find out just how different they really are and give you some critical insider insight that will help you win these restaurant industry cases and may even inspire you to want to take on more restaurant industry matters to expand your legal practice.

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Link Restaurants, Lawsuits & the Role of OSHA

Did you know that OSHA plays a very important role in nearly every restaurant and bar industry lawsuit and insurance claim? Well, it most certainly does, and it doesn’t matter if the person that got injured, harmed, sickened, maimed or killed was an employee or a customer of the subject establishment.

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Link Litigation Cases Involving Violence in Restaurants

Did you know that restaurants are more likely to experience workplace violence than any other industry in America? In this article we will help you find out why restaurants are so prone to violence, what leads to violence, the practical steps to help make restaurants safe, and the insider information that you need when dealing with one of these legal matters.

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