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Richeimer Pain Medical Group

Richeimer Pain Medical Group

137 North Larchmont Boulevard
Suite 448

Los Angeles, California 90004

Phone(323) 692-3611


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Richeimer Pain Medical Group provides expert medical-legal consultation regarding all areas of pain management, pain medications, pain treatment procedures, and chronic pain and suffering.


Richeimer Pain Medical Group provides medical-legal consultation for all Pain Management issues.

Common examples of these problems include:

- unsafe prescribing of pain medications
- improperly performed pain management procedures
- pain as an outcome of an injury
- complex regional pain syndrome (RSD) caused by injury
- impact of opioid pain medicines on judgment

Litigation Support Services

Richeimer Pain Medical Group's manager, Dr. Richeimer, has 7 years of experience providing medical-legal consultation to both plaintiffs and defense as well as expert consulting on a variety of medical-legal cases.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; Spinal Injections; Impairment.


Dr. Richeimers triple board certification in pain management, anesthesiology, and psychiatry provide him with unique qualifications to assess issues related to pain and suffering, pain management and pain medications. He has extensive experience as a pain educator and public speaker which has been invaluable in his work as an expert consultant in medical-legal cases. Dr. Richeimer is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Psychiatry, and the director of the multidisciplinary pain management program at the University of Southern California.

Consulting Practice

All States

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Professional Experience

Current: Director of Pain Management at the University of Southern California
7 years of experience as a medical-legal consultant
Prior: Director of Pain Management at the University of California, Davis
5 years of prior private practice experience in pain management and psychiatry


California Medical License
Diplomate, American Board of Anesthesiology
Diplomate, ABA with Subspecialty Certification in Pain Management
Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology (Psychiatry)
Diplomate, American Academy of Pain Medicine

Legal Experience & Services

Richeimer Pain Medical Group has provided expert consulting on a variety of medical-legal cases:

Malpractice regarding pain medications
Malpractice regarding nerve blocks and spinal injections
Malpractice regarding spinal pumps and stimulators
Effects of pain and pain medications on legal and personal decision making
Degree of impairment and disability caused by pain
Diagnosis and treatment of reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD or CRPS)
Diagnosis and treatment of back pain


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Postgraduate Training:

Jan. 1994 - Dec. 1994--Fellow in Pain Management, Beth Israel Hospital, Department of Anesthesiology, Harvard School of Medicine
1991 - 1993--Resident in Anesthesiology, UCLA Department of Anesthesiology
1985 - 1986--Chief Resident in Psychiatry, Adult Inpatient, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute
1983 - 1985--Resident in Psychiatry, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute
1982 - 1983--Medical Internship, UCLA/Wadsworth VA Hospital


1978 - 1982--Doctor of Medicine, U.C. San Francisco, School of Medicine,
1974 - 1978--Bachelor of Arts, with Distinction, Stanford University, Program in Human Biology

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