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TGEvans. 40 years in equestrian competition, sales, training, coaching, farm management, breeding & equine-related journalism. Markets in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Europe. A support team in training, law, insurance & business. Web-savvy, I do extensive research plus personal contacts to verify & amplify information. I know thoroughbreds, warmbloods, ponies, AQHA & grade horses & the sports of polo, foxhunting, eventing & hunter/jumper. I can assess all breeds & disciplines. USPAP 2011. Qualified expert 2012.

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Link The Appraiser/Consultant Umbrella

Appraiser Tania Evans on the roles of an appraiser/consultant/researcher in the equine industry (2010).

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Link Stay Strong: Research Shows Strengthening Equine Core Helps Back Problems

Imagine a 200-lb man twisting about on the back of a galloping pony and swinging a mallet at a polo ball. The strike is solid and the ball soars down field. He kicks his horse up a gear to keep a claim on it, an impulse bested by the pony who has already hit high drive. The movement may be repeated hundreds of times over a season.It’s a thrill to watch such an athletic partnership but sometimes the thrill is followed by an impulse to call a physical therapist for both horse and rider.

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