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Robert F. Schiffmann - R.F. Schiffmann Associates, Inc.

Robert F. Schiffmann - R.F. Schiffmann Associates, Inc.

149 West 88th Street
New York, New York 10024-2404

Phone(212) 362-7021


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Bob Schiffmann provides broad expertise regarding microwave heating: ovens, foods & non-food products, packaging, industrial processing. Cases of personal injury, products liability, accidents, fires, murders, medical malpractice, and intellectual property, including patent infringement. Contract R&D laboratory. Teaching seminars and courses related to microwave theory and applications. President & Fellow of the International Microwave Power Institute. Certified Food Scientist (IFT). Honorary Member Microwave Technology Association - UK; Founding Member Association for Microwave Processing in Europe for Research & Education. First recipient Metals Microwave Pioneer Award.


R.F. Schiffmann Associates, Inc. laboratory specializes in all areas of microwave heating and has provided new product R&D on microwave ovens, foods, packaging and cookware, as well as non-food products, resulting in a large number of successful consumer products. Additional services include product testing of microwavable foods, packages, cookware, development of label instructions; and development of industrial microwave heating processes.

Bob Schiffmann has successfully identified serious flaws in a number of microwavable consumer products and developed new microwave processes for industries including food, pharmaceutical, aerospace, chemical, textile, and medical. He has taught seminars and courses on microwave theory and applications in the USA, Europe and Australia. Mr. Schiffmann provides expert witness services in all areas relating to microwave heating including personal injury, products liability, medical malpractice,felony murder, and patent and contract issues.

Litigation Support Services

Mr. Bob Schiffmann provides expert witness testimony to both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Areas of Expertise


Bob Schiffman's initial work with microwave heating involved the development of a number of industrial microwave processes that were installed in the USA, Europe and Japan. This work continues to the present time in both food and non-food applications in many industries including medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, chemical, textiles and more. As the consumer microwave oven became popular much of Bob's work was directed into this area leading to the development of numerous consumer microwavable products including foods, packaging and cookware. He has also conducted many performance tests on various microwavable products.

He is an inventor of 28 US Patents, all but two of which are microwave related. The other two concern the preservation of fruits and vegetables.

Consulting Practice

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Professional Experience

1959-1963; 1964-1971: DCA Food Industries, Inc.: Senior Research Scientist and Member of Laboratory Operating Committee. Developed numerous several microwave & non-microwave processes for various area of food processing.

1963-1964 VP Research Nucleonics Corporation of America: ran a laboratory developing radioactive standards and chemicals for industrial use. Also headed a radiation safety activity.

1971-1978 Partner Bedrosian & Associates: Developed numerous consumer food products including entrees, desserts, sauces, soups, beverages, yogurts, frozen, shelf stable, and more. Also developed numerous non-food products including Carpet Fresh, rug and textile cleaners, cosmetics, and more.

1978-present President R.F. Schiffmann Associates, Inc.: Initially involved in many non-microwave food products including dietary products; snack, desserts, frozen and shelf stable and more. In 1983 the company focused all its activities on microwave products and processes. Since that time it has developed many consumer microwavable products including frozen, refrigerated, and shelf-stable items; desserts, snacks, entrees, specialty foods and more. We have also developed many industrial microwave processes for both food and non-food applications: aerospace, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, etc.

Legal Experience & Services

Bob Schiffmann has served as an expert witness in over 20 cases: trademarks, patent infringement, contracts, fires, personal injuries and felony murder, and has testified in depositions and court.

Trademark violation suit, (plaintiff)
Patent infringement suit, (defendant)
Patent infringement suit, (defendant)
Contracts case, (defendant)
Industrial RF fire, (insurance co. plaintiff)
Patent infringement, (defendant)
Industrial microwave fire, (insurance co. plaintiff)
Contract case, (defendant)
Felony murder case, (expert for the Prosecutor)
Personal injury case, (plaintiff)
Industrial microwave fire, (UK insurance co. plaintiff)
Trade secret infringement suit, (plaintiff)
Personal injury case, (defendant)
Patent infringement suit, (defendant)
Patent infringement suit, (defendant)
Personal injury case, (defendant)
Personal injury case, (plaintiff)
IP suit (defendant)
IP suit, (defendant)
Medical malpractice suit, (plaintiff)
Class action suit, (plaintiffs)
Personal injury suit, (defendant)
Felony murder (expert for the Prosecutor)
Personal injury suit, (plaintiff)
Personal injury suit, (plaintiff)
References are available upon request


Fellow, President and Board Member of the International Microwave Power Institute
Honorary Member of UK Microwave Technology Association
Member of Consultants Council of American Packaging Institute
Emeritus Member of Institute of Food Technologists
Certified Food Scientist-Institute of Food Technologists
Vice President of the Microwave Working Group
Founding Member of AMPERE: Association for Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education
Emeritus Member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals


Extensive experience developing microwave products and processes, a strong scientific background and many years of industrial experience, Bob brings a level of practical experience and knowledge unmatched by his peers. He has developed and tested many consumer microwave and non-microwave food products; developed numerous industrial microwave processing systems such as baking ovens, proofers and fryers; granola processing; sausage manufacture; airplane components manufacture, and more.

He has worked extensively in the pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, food and other industries. He has conducted independent research on the dangers of microwave ovens including the heating of baby food, microwave heating pads and microwave-caused fires. He teaches international courses on microwave technology. He has also invented many microwave processes, devices, products and systems that have resulted in 28 United States patents plus many international patents.

Awards & Honors

2019 recipient AMPERE Gold Medal from the Association for Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education
President, Chairman, and Board Member and Fellow of the International Microwave Power Institute
Honorary Member of the UK Microwave Technology Association
Scientific Lecturer for the Institute of Food Technologists
Certified Food Scientist - Institute of Food Technologists
Metaxas Microwave Pioneer Award - first recipient
Putnam Award for Outstanding Food Process
Best Paper Award - International Microwave Power Institute
Chairman 4th World Congress on Microwave & RF Applications

Seminars & Training

Lecturer and Course Director for 3 courses presented by The Center for Professional Advancement: Industrial Drying of Heat Sensitive Materials; Microwave and RF Applications for Industry; Microwave Oven Technology. Has also presented seminars on various microwave topics at conferences throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Have presented many in-house technical seminars for industrial companies in the United States, Canada and Europe. Was Technical Program Chairman for approximately 20 International microwave conferences.


1. "Microwave Packaging” (1992) - book
2. "Microwave Processing in the U.S. Food Industry (1992)
3. "Major Problems in Heating Foods in Microwave Ovens" (1992)
4. "Microwave Packaging in the United States - Recession vs. Innovation" (1992)
5. “Microwave Technology in Baking” in “Advances in Baking Technology” (1993)
6. "Microwave Ingredient Reactions and Interactions" (1993)
7. "Technical Considerations in Preparing Microwave Label Instructions" (1993)
8. "Microwavable Foods: Zapping the Problem Areas" (1993)
9. "Designing the Microwave Food Laboratory" (1993)
10. "Critical Factors in Microwave Generated Aromas (1993)
11. "Microwave Safety - Part I", Food Product Design (1994)
12. "Microwave Safety - Part II", Food Product Design (1994)
13. "Deceptive Heating May Make Microwaved Food Injurious" (1994)
14. "Microwave and Dielectric Drying" (1995)
15. “Commercializing Microwave Systems : Paths to Success or Failure” (1995)
16. "Testing Microwavable Products - Key to Consumer Satisfaction" (1995)
17. “Fundamental Principles of Industrial Microwave and RF Processing" (1997)
18. “Microwave Technology - a Half Century of Progress” (1997)
19. “Microwave Processes in the Food Industry” (2000)
20. “Fires in Industrial Microwave and Radio Frequency Processing Systems” (2000)
21. "The Status of Industrial Microwave Applications in the United States” (2001)
22. "Designing Industrial Microwave Heating Systems for Safe Operation: I. Batch Ovens” (2002)
23. The Microwave Sausage Patty Cooker – A Case Study” (2004)
24. Microwave Packaging" in "Microwave Processing of Food" (2005)
25. "A Primer on Evaluating the Economics of Microwave Processing Systems (2006)
26. “Even Heating Technology” (2007)
27. “Injuries Caused by Microwave Ovens Part 1” (2008); Part 2 (2009)
28,.“Methodology Required to Obtain Statistically Meaningful Results” (2009)
29. “Industrial Microwave Processing of Food: Principles and Three Case Studies” (2010)
30. "Inexpensive Microwave Leaka: Preparation of Not-Ready-To-Eat Products" (ge Detectors - Are They Worth It? - a Performance Evaluation" (2012)
31. " Microwave Oven Food Safety: Preparation of Not-Ready-To-Eat Products (2013)
32. "Microwave Chemical & Materials Processing" (2018)

Professional References

Bob's numerous clients reads like a who's who of industrial companies and includes Nestle, General Foods, Conagra, Pillsbury, Proctor and Gamble, American Home Foods, Rubbermaid, Chlorox, Quaker Oats, Airwick, Boeing, Metal Castings, UCB Chemical, and many more. References will be supplied upon request.


1955 BS Columbia University - Pharmacy
1959 MS Purdue University - Physical & Analytical Chemistry
1968 - 1970 PhD program in Biophysics @ NY University

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