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Rocky Mountain Safety Consulting, Inc.

Rocky Mountain Safety Consulting, Inc.

6832 Snow Shoe Trail
Evergreen, Colorado 80439

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Rocky Mountain Safety Consulting, Inc. is a Safety Expert Witness with 18 years of safety experience in construction, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing. Licensing: Colorado Bar. Certifications: CSP. Assist legal counsel, plaintiff/defense, in personal injury, subrogation, many safety issues involving OSHA or MSHA. Case assessment from the safety perspective, written reports/opinions, testimony either deposition or trial.


Rocky Mountain Safety Consulting, Inc. provides safety expertise in:

OSHA compliance, oil and gas injuries, mining injuries, work comp subrogation, construction injuries, manufacturing injuries, work-related injuries, negligence, workplace injuries, lifting injuries, forklift, electrical, machine guarding, falls at work, ladder safety, trench safety, excavation safety, excavation injuries, trench injuries, personal protective equipment, safety glasses, eye injuries, MSHA compliance, mine safety compliance, slip and fall, back injuries, head injuries, and chemical safety.

Litigation Support Services

Mr. Gerganoff provides safety expert witness services to plaintiff and defense legal counsel in oil and gas, construction, mining cases. Litigation revolves around detail to evidence. Expert opinion reports should focus on evidentiary detail as well tied to thoroughly researched and well-supported safety rules and accepted safety practices.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Workers' Compensation Subrogation; Lifting Injuries, OSHA Injuries, Injuries Msha, Mining Injuries.


Greg Gerganoff, CSP, Esq., works as a safety professional helping business keep their employee's safe at work. His 18 years as a safety professional has assisted oil and gas, construction, mining and manufacturing companies in keeping their employees safe at work.

Mr. Gerganoff's combined experience in the safety and legal professions helps identify safety compliance or non-compliance issues and produce written reports substantiated in evidence and safety regulations (OSHA or MSHA). Expert opinions are presented to opposing counsel as well as judges/juries requiring these opinions to be presented in a clear and concise manner helpful in litigation.

Consulting Practice

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Professional Experience

18 years as a safety professional helping business keep their employees and crews safe while at work.
12 years of legal practice experience, general civil practice.


Certified Safety Professional
Colorado Supreme Court

Legal Experience & Services

12 years of legal general civil practice. Admitted to Colorado Supreme Court. License maintained.


American Society of Safety Engineers
Denver Petroleum Club


Mr. Gerganoff's 18 years as a safety professional in oil and gas, construction, mining and manufacturing combined with his 12 years general civil practice experience brings to the table an appreciation of how the legal process functions, as well as the role subject matter experts, play in the litigation process.

His professional safety experience includes safety program assessments, field safety audits, safety training in a variety of OSHA and MSHA safety topics, safety coaching and safety program development.

Awards & Honors

Traveling Safety Award-Colorado Contractors Association
Risk Management Committee Chairman of the Year-Colorado Contractors Association

Seminars & Training

SEAK Expert Witness Training
Temporary employee firms-OSHA requirements-webinar-Jackson/Lewis


Use of OSHA as Standard of Care Negligence Cases-Trial Talk, Colorado, Feb/Mar 2016; and Journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers, Professional Safety, February 2017
Hydrogen Sulfide Safety, Journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers, Professional Safety-Spring 2015


J. D. Western Michigan University School of Law

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