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Segal Commercial Properties

2221 Barry Avenue, Ste. 200
Los Angeles, California 90064

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Lee S. Segal has over 40 years experience in Commercial Real Estate. He has extensive knowledge and has worked on cases in Breach of Contract, Mitigation of Damages, Environmental, Brokerage Disputes, Property Management, Partnership Disputes and Lease Interpretation.

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Link Changing the Landscape in El Segundo's Historical Smoky Hollow District

City of El Segundo pitching in to help industrial real estate owners in the Smoky Hollow District convert to creative office.

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Link Troubling Signs in California Real Estate

California lawmakers must act to shore up commercial properties by boosting Hollywood production.

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Link Who Supervises the Property Management Company on a Triple Net Lease?

Real Estate Litigation lawyers should be aware of their client’s Property Management Company and what their responsibilities are in a Triple Net Lease and hold them accountable.

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