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Shade Tree Meteorology, LLC

Shade Tree Meteorology, LLC

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The Shade Tree Meteorology team provides a range of custom services, tailored to the unique needs of each client. Professional meteorologists with extensive experience issuing forecasts and radar-based severe weather warnings translates into exceptional skill at reconstructing weather events as a weather expert witness. Clear, non-technical (but scientifically sound) explanations of the what, where, when and why in thunderstorm events, flooding events, and winter storm events have proven extremely useful to clients in pretrial and courtroom testimony. Cases have involved, among others, camper deaths in flash flooding, slips & falls, electrocution, roof collapse, and building flooding.


Shade Tree Meteorology, LLC offers the following services:

Forensic Services

Meteorological reconstruction of past events:
Past weather reconstruction
Weather radar imagery interpretation
Detailed, scientifically accurate reports
Weather event descriptions in clear non-technical language
Expert Opinion Reports
Meteorology Expert Witness testimony


Weather emergency plans for your business or organization
Severe weather risk assessment for your location
Climatologies / Weather statistics

Areas of Expertise

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Seminars & Training

Speaking / Seminars for Businesses and Schools

Topics such as:

Hazardous Weather Emergency Preparedness (creating readiness checklists, how to disseminate hazardous weather threats and information to employees, students, etc.),

Meteorology for Non-Meteorologists (how to teach specific weather-related topics to students, science project and lab ideas, etc.)

Climate Change (what is the state of the science and what does it mean for you?)

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