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Shun Newbern

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Shun Newbern has nearly 25 years of dedicated funeral service experience. As a licensed embalmer and funeral director he presently owns and is a full-time manager at the Metropolitan Mortuary in Southern California. He is a motivational speaker on personal leadership and funeral service practices; h

Articles Published by Shun Newbern

 Funeral Service Related Torts

When dealing with a legal matter that involves embalming failure or service complications, you must look at several essentials that will result in the best results. In that regard, you need a consultant or expert that knows mortuary law and the daily functions of funeral service.

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 Is There a Value in Viewing Your Loved One at a Funeral?

The traditions of our cultures are changing. People are considering cremation and direct burials more than before. The open casket viewing has been apart of the death process for centuries and is slowly fading away. Professional embalming, restorative art and preservation can be accomplished with skill, as well as appreciated by families for that final farewell.

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 Embalming and the Standard of Care

Handling a case that involves embalming of a decedent is difficult and challenging. Having a consultant or expert embalmer is the key to understanding the standard of care or any possible torts involved.

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