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Staff Development Services has helped clients assess, place and develop people to achieve the optimum staff for over 25 years. We do this using well proven assessments for hiring, coaching, and organizational design or through customized consulting services. We start with the premise that great law firms are staffed by exceptional people and superior processes. So our work begins by improving the firm’s selection process. It is continued by providing coaching to existing employees and once the right people are in the right jobs we begin

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Articles Published by Staff Development Services

Link Working Smarter — Not Harder

What a manager needs to consider as he/she moves from being a supervisor to top levels of management. The challenge of deciding how to work smarter rather than harder.

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Link Understanding and Calculating the Cost of Turnover

A brief look at how one determines their turnover rate. Another article details the causes of turnover and how to reduce it's impact on your organization.

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Link Reasons for Turnover!

Resolving turnover issues is not too difficult if one is committed to taking the appropriate actions.

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Link How to Conduct an Effective Interview

Far too many managers approach an interview as something they have to do rather than looking at it as an opportunity. Being prepared to interview enhances the possibility of hiring the right person for the right position. Lack of preparation almost ensures you get another warm body needing a job!

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Link Specific Questions Enhance an Interview not Detract from It!

Improve your hiring by becoming a master of questioning.

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Link People are Hired for their Skills and Fired for their Behavior!

I received a letter from a company recently that had this as the subject line: People are Hired for Their Skills and Fired for Their Behaviors. That is so true. We look for candidates to fill positions who have the needed skill sets and then assume they can do the job quite well.

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