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Stephen Cohen, MD, MBA, FACS, FASCRS

5502 Manitoba Road
Chesterfield, Virginia 23832

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In his new position, Dr. Stephen Cohen is leading the way for improved surgical care for those who have served our great country. Dr. Cohen has joined the surgical team at the Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia. Furthermore, Dr.

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 Removal of a Normal Kidney Can Be Deemed "Standard-of-Care"

Medical malpractice is defined by Merriam-Webster as careless, wrong, or illegal actions by a doctor who is performing a professional duty. Most medical-legal cases are settled for a variety of reasons, however, those cases that make it to a court of law rely on experts to teach, train, and educate the jury. The importance of choosing the right medical-legal expert can turn a sure victory for the plaintiff into a common sense verdict for the provider.

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 Stick to the Basics: First, Do No Harm

I was recently involved in a medical malpractice case that went against the physician. In this particular case, however, lack of communication and common sense led to a favorable plaintiff’s verdict.

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Choosing the right medical legal expert is of paramount importance.

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