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Specialist in Ophthalmological Diagnosis and TBI - Expert Witness

Steve Rauchman, M.D.

Steve Rauchman, M.D.

Park Marbella
Calabasas, California 90290

Phone(818) 620-0115


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Dr. Rauchman is an Ophthalmologist and Ophthalmologic Surgeon with over 30 years' experience in treatment and surgery for eye function, eye trauma, and more than a decade opining in a medical-legal context. He is also an expert in the manifestation of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and head injuries and symptoms of eye pain, visual acuity, headache, and impaired vision including damages assessment. He has conducted hundreds of medical-legal evaluations and reports including personal injury, chemical exposure, product liability, and class action suits. He has testified in dozens of cases. He is available to work on cases with Plaintiff or Defense.

Dr. Rauchman received his medical degree at UCSF and completed residency at Boston University. He has treated patients in private clinical practice since 1987. In 2020 he turned his attention to the investigation of eye trauma in adjudicated matters. He has published, conducted dozens of clinical trials, and is an invited speaker. He opines in cases for plaintiff and defense.


Dr. Rauchman offers the following services:

Independent Medical Examinations by video.

Review of records and reports of other experts asked to opine in a case. He is available to review the findings of ophthalmologists, neurologists, neuropsychologists, neuropsychiatrists, and others where there may be a head injury manifested in visual symptoms. He considers both medical and legal documents when relevant.

Issues reports of his findings in a medical-legal context. His expertise is sought most often in Personal Injury cases, though not exclusively. He has worked on mass tort cases including eye exposure to toxic chemicals.

Dr. Rauchman is at ease and enjoys testifying. He displays the depth of his expertise and enthusiasm for his field and the opinions at which he has arrived.

Litigation Support Services

Consultant to attorneys about expert findings, reports and findings of other experts, IME, review of records and non-expert witness discussion of his medical opinions.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Chemical Injuries to the Eye, Dizziness, Double Vision, Light Sensitivity, Head Pain, Nerve Damage, Ocular, Eye Loss, Head Injuries, Blow to the Head, Falls, Toxic Exposure, Smoke Exposure, Mass Torts.


Dr. Rauchman is an Ophthalmologist and Ophthalmologic Surgeon with more than 3 decades of experience in private clinical practice. For more than a decade he has served as treating and testifying physician about allegations of injuries to the eye and relationship with TBI and head injuries. Dr. Rauchman has conducted hundreds of evaluations with medical-legal relevance, and testified dozens of times about his findings.

Dr. Rauchman received his medical degree at UCSF and completed residency at Boston University. He has treated patients in private clinical practice since 1987 and in 2020 focused more closely on his interests in an investigatory approach to medical-legal questions. He has published, conducted clinical trials and is an invited speaker. His work in neuroscience reflects his interest in the brain-eye connection.

Dr. Rauchman conducts IMEs, reviews records, issues a thorough report of medical findings and testifies. He enjoys testifying and cross-examination, which he handles with ease.

He is available to serve as a consultant, disclosed or undisclosed Expert Witness and opines in cases for plaintiff and defense.

Areas Served

All States, Puerto Rico, US Territories.

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Professional Experience

Please request CV.
Private clinical medical practice for more than 3 decades.
Widely-sought Speaker, medical author, and researcher; conducted dozens of clinical trials.


Medical License, California

Legal Experience & Services

Sample cases:, served as a medical-legal consultant to attorneys or as an Expert Witness.

Personal Injury cases, assessment and medical-legal opinion.
Civil litigation, chemical and toxic exposure to the eyes, medical device product liability, mass tort, class action lawsuits.
Litigation regarding head injuries, TBI associated with vision.

Dr. Rauchman would be pleased to discuss your case as well as his extensive medical-legal experience; please call.


American Academy of Ophthalmology Fellow
American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons Member Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Member Los Angeles County Medical Association Member
California Medical Association Member
Community Volunteerism:
The Fresno Institute of Neuroscience (FINS Neuro) Member
Eye Care America Volunteer
Concern Foundation for Cancer Research Member
Surgical Eye Expeditions, International Mission to El Salvador Board Member


Medical practice since 1987. Further information provided upon request.

Professional References

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Medical Degree, University of California, San Francisco
Residency, Boston University

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