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Stewart C. Burkhammer - Burkhammer Consulting Services

Stewart C. Burkhammer - Burkhammer Consulting Services

1130 Heron Point Way
DeLand, Florida 32724

Phone(240) 285-8222


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Burkhammer Consulting Services brings 40+ years of construction expertise for a bold, comprehensive approach to safety consulting, OSHA compliance, and expert witness services in construction accident cases. Burkhammer and associates are recognized leaders in construction safety who bring hands-on construction experience, both in government and the private sector. Expert construction safety consultation is provided to contractors, legal firms (plaintiff and defense), industry associations, labor organizations, insurance companies, and agencies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


Stewart Burkhammer is the principal of Burkhammer Consulting Services. He uses internal staff and external experts to provide services in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

- Construction Safety and Litigation Case Services

• Nationwide attorney support services for plaintiff and defense
• Provide expertise in safety culture/safety resources
• Provide attorney support services for plaintiff and defense
• Provide technical support from construction safety experts for litigation
• Assist clients with accident reconstruction and analysis
• Technical support from construction safety experts for litigation
• Assist with accident reconstruction and analysis
• Evaluate OSHA compliance and litigation
• Determine the applicability of OSHA regulations
• Identify responsibility for multi-employer worksites-OSHA’s Multi-Employer Policy
• Give guidance and recommendations for OSHA cooperative programs (Partnerships, Alliances, OSHA VPP, OSHA Challenge for Construction)
• Investigate and evaluate work-related accidents with/without personal injury
• Provide answers to prevent future incidents/maximize safety resources
• Assist companies/governmental organizations with value engineering studies
• Provide worksite safety audit services, including incident tracking, confined space, trenching and excavations, hazard communication, steel erection, and material handling
• Evaluate safety management systems and make specific recommendations
• Discuss Zero Accidents philosophy and /or assist with implementation
• Assist clients identify specific safety issues and develop site-specific solutions
• Review safety plans, programs, processes, and procedures
• Assist with development and implementation of safety programs
• Provide information for safety equipment/ personal protective equipment (PPE)
• Offer guidance on human factors
• Conduct presentations at workshops, seminars, and conferences

- Expert Witness Testimony

The goal of BCS is reasonable settlement. Independent and objective experts with extensive hands-on experience in the construction industry and with OSHA will provide case review and assistance and, if necessary, expert testimony.

- Policy, Plan, and Program Review

Calling any written document a safety plan does not mean that the document meets the recognized industry standards. The key is successful implementation. BCS provides knowledge of construction practices, safety management, safety equipment, emergency preparedness, OSHA Regulations and OSHA Compliance, and other related safety regulations. The team utilizes the best practices and standards used in the construction industry for any review.

- Accident Investigation and Analysis

Immediate support is available to determine the factors leading up to, and immediately following an incident, accident and/or resulting personal injury. Analysis includes examination of any available equipment, data, reports, training, exhibits, or other information. Concise, accurate oral or written reports are provided.


Litigation Support Services

Burkhammer Consulting Services's specialty is expertise in all aspects of general construction safety involving very small, medium, and mega domestic and international construction contractors. Burkhammer Consulting provides litigation support and assistance as follows: Pre-trial consulting; Accident investigation; Causal analysis; Technical merit evaluation; Findings and opinions; Oral and written reports; Research; Assistance with case development; Exhibit review; Trial question assistance; Depositions; Expert Witness Testimony.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Steel Erection, Multi-Employer Policy, Personal Protective Equipment (ppe), Material Storage and Warehousing, OSHA Compliance, Education Program Reviews


Stewart C. "Stew" Burkhammer is currently serving as principal consultant for Burkhammer Consulting Services, specializing in construction safety. Additionally, he is a past partner in Safety Management Solutions Group. He retired from his position as the Director of the Office of Construction Services for the Directorate of Construction within OSHA in January, 2008 after over five and a half years of service. Prior to being appointed to this position in June of 2002, Stew spent forty years with the Bechtel Group of Companies, retiring in May of 2002 as Principal Vice President and Manager of Global Environmental, Safety and Health Services.

Stew received his Liberal Arts Degree from Thomas Edison State College, is a Professional Engineer, a Certified Safety Professional, and a Certified Occupational Safety and Health Technologist. He was elected a Fellow of the American Society of Safety Engineers in 2000, and was presented with the Distinguished Safety and Health Professional Award from the Safety Equipment Institute in 1998. Upon his retirement from the Bechtel Group of Companies, he was presented the Distinguished Service Award for outstanding achievement in the field of Environmental, Safety, and Health. This was only the fourth time in the 105 year history of the Bechtel Organization that this Distinguished Service Award, in any category, has been presented. In 2008 at the National Safety Council Congress and Expo, The National Safety Council presented him with the Distinguished Service to Safety Award. This is the Council’s highest honor that can be bestowed upon an individual.

During his forty plus years as an ES&H professional, he has managed the development of the ES&H program for the Kuwait Oil Fires Project, several Nuclear and Fossil Power Plants, and was Consulting ES&H Director, to the City of New York, for the World Trade Center Emergency Project in the early stages. In addition, Burkhammer has Chaired OSHA's Advisory Committee for Construction Safety and Health, has served as CEO and Board President for the Safety Equipment Institute, is past president of the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, and has been a keynote speaker on the topics of ES&H at several global conferences and seminars.

Stew Burkhammer currently gives leadership and guidance to a diverse client base. BCS provides safety analysis, prepares oral and written reports, performs inspections, provides expert witness testimony, and provides presentations.

Consulting Practice

All 50 States and International

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Professional Experience

2006 - 2011, ASSE Technical Professional Review Committee (TPRC)
2006 - Present, National Occupational Resource Council (NORA)
1996 - Present, National Construction Safety Executives (NCSE)
1969 - Present, American Society of Safety Engineers
OSHA Hispanic Task Force
OSHA Executive Council on Homeland Security
OSHA/NIOSH Construction Coordinating Committee
OSHA’s Compliance Assistance Coordinating Committee
National Commissions for Crane Operator Certification
U. S. Delegation to the International Labor Organization S&H Conference
Board of Certified Safety Professionals
Occupational Hazards Editorial Board
Safety Equipment Institute
U.S. Department of Labor - ACCSH
National Constructors Association
U.S. Safety & Health Delegation to People’s Republic of China


Registered Professional Engineer, P.E., Safety Engineering, CA
Certified Safety Professional, CSP, Management Aspects
Certified Safety Professional, CSP, Construction
Certified Health & Safety Technologist, OHS
Certified Safety Manager, WSO-CSM

Legal Experience & Services

We specialize in all aspects of general construction safety involving very small, medium, and mega domestic and international construction contractors. BCS provides:

Pre-trial consulting; Accident Investigation; Causal analysis; Technical merit evaluation; Findings and opinions; Oral and/or Written reports; Research; Assistance with case development; Exhibit review; Trial question assistance; Depositions; Expert Witness Testimony.

- Experience as Corporate Legal Experts
- Previously designated as Expert Witnesses in court
- Experience with OSHA in construction ALJ Appeal reviews and case citation recommendations (significant and egregious cases)
- Experience conducting work related accident and personal injury investigations


ASSE- American Society of Safety Engineers (Professional Member)
NSC - National Safety Council Construction Division
WSO - World Safety Organization (Member Emeritus)
NCSE - National Construction Safety Executives (Member Emeritus)
NCA - National Constructors Association (Past Member)
SEI - Safety Equipment Institute (Past - Member, CEO, President)
NCCCO - National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators (Past Commissioner)
AGC - California Association of General Contractors (Past Member)
ANSI - Executive Standards Council (Past Member)
ANSI A10 - American National Standards Institute (Past Member)


Stew Burkhammer has held entry level, mid-level, and executive level positions with a global engineering/construction firm. He has managed an ES&H workforce of 1050+ and has had responsibility for construction safety on global, multi-cultural worksites. Experience includes expert testimony and litigation support on a corporate level.

Work history includes a senior management position with OSHA, U. S. DOL. Government activities include shared responsibility for reviewing OSHA cases and making recommendations to the Solicitor’s Office on ALJ Appeals and issuance of significant and egregious cases. Other responsibilities involved industry outreach, labor interaction, and working with labor/industry associations on cooperative programs. With both organizations, Burkhammer helped develop, review, and/or implement several training and education programs.

Current clients depend upon leadership and experience to maximize their resources, resolve issues, and provide legal guidance.

Awards & Honors

Distinguished Safety Service, NSC, 2008
Secretary’s Awards, U. S. DOL, 2002-08
(6) Safety Initiative, Design, & Mgt.
(5) Cooperative Programs
WTC Commendation & Achievement Awards (5), New York City, OSHA, FEMA,
Bechtel; BCSP Board, 2002
Lifetime Achievement, Bechtel, 2002
ASSE Fellow, ASSE, 2000
Distinguished Service, ISEA, 1997
Presidential Commendation, President W. J. Clinton, 1996

Seminars & Training

Stew Burkhammer has attended and presented at more than 40 safety conferences and seminars on topics as “Today’s Construction World “ and OSHA Construction Update”
- Assisted with development, editing, and implementation of OSHA training programs, including Steel Erection, Trenching and Excavation, Disaster Site Worker Training, and On-Site Leader/Event Coordinator
- Assisted with development and implementation of ES&H on- line courses for Bechtel University

Professional References

Available upon request

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