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Sunil Kini, M.D. Forensic Radiologist

Sunil Kini, M.D. Forensic Radiologist

7727 Potranco Rd.
San Antonio, Texas

Phone(954) 847-9297


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Dr. Kini is a Board Certified Diagnostic Radiologist in practice for 16 years. He has reviewed hundreds of thousands of x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, and CT scans. Dr. Kini is Fellowship-trained in Neuroradiology (William Beaumont Hospital). He is based in San Antonio as a nationwide teleradiologist. He is licensed in 11 states.

Dr. Kini is a consultant or disclosed Expert Witness. He conducts imaging analysis, review of records, radiologist reports, opines by written and verbal report, and testifies.

Spinal Cord
Head and Neck
Neurodegenerative disease

Neonatal head
Infant hip
Peripheral Vascular
Male Pelvis
Female Pelvis

Body Imaging:
CT and MRI Chest/Abdomen/Pelvis
CTA Chest/Head/Neck
CT/MRI soft tissue neck
Soft Tissue
Soft tissue tumor

General Pediatrics:
Chest, abdomen, and extremity x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI
Bone age (bone growth)

Subject matter expert:
Explaining radiologic methods and practice
Patient's radiology journey
Clinical impact of radiology
Hospital Imaging
imaging centers
mobile imaging
Physician office Ultrasound

Dr. Kini is licensed: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Tennessee (telemedicine only), Pennsylvania, California, Nevada, Montana, (Texas pending).

Dr. Kini is not an expert in the discrete specialties of Mammography, prostate MRI, Cardiac or NUCS/PET imaging.


Review of radiologic and other medical records, MRIs, Ultrasounds, X-Rays, CTScans, other medical specialist records, provider, nurse, ED, hospital notes
Analysis of Merit
Review technician notes
Review reports of other radiologists and medical reports of medical specialists based on imaging results
Independent review of raw imaging files
Report of medicolegal opinions written and verbal
Testimony at Deposition or Trial

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

CT Scan, X-Ray, MRI, Teleradiology, CatScan; Radiologist.


Dr. Kini has been Board Certified in Diagnostic Radiology for over 16 years. He is licensed to practice medicine in Georgia and 10 other states. He has a national teleradiology digital practice, headquartered in Texas. Dr. Kini has reviewed hundreds of thousands of x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, CT scans, and other imaging results and reported his medical findings to specialists, Emergency Departments, hospitals and primary healthcare providers. He is a radiology diagnostic and subject matter consultant. He serves as a medicolegal consultant and expert witness.

Dr. Kini evaluates thyroid, carotid and peripheral vascular, abdomen, pelvis/gyn (gynecology), breast, and testicular ultrasounds, MRIs, x-rays and other modalities. He has special expertise in ultrasounds. See exceptions below.

Dr. Kini's clinical practice includes imaging from hospitals, imaging centers, mobile imaging, clinics, and practitioners to provide patient care in radiology.

Dr. Kini is a former Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology at the University of Georgia Medical College. He routinely presents in his field.

Radiology is a precise field that applies across the physical spectrum. Dr. Kini is an expert about radiologic results listed above. He is not an expert in the specialties of Mammography, prostate MRI, Cardiac or Nucs/PET imaging.

Dr. Kini is licensed to practice medicine in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Tennessee (telemedicine only), Pennsylvania, California, Nevada, and Montana (Texas pending).

Areas Served

All States, licensed in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Tennessee (telemedicine only), Pennsylvania, California, Nevada, and Montana, (Texas pending).

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Professional Experience

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Alabama License #MD27714
Arizona, License #36428
Florida, License #ME100134
Georgia, License #58050
Illinois, License #036130392
New York, License #242780,
Pennsylvania, License #MD457027
Tennessee, License #53712
California, License #160552
Montana, License #84011
Nevada, License #20483
Board-Certified in Diagnostic Radiology, American Board of Radiology


American Board of Radiology


16 years of experience as a Diagnostic Radiologist
Board-Certified in Diagnostic Radiology (American Board of Radiology)
Fellowship-trained in Neuroradiology / Body Imaging


Kini S., Kucej BD., Weaver L., Bis KG., Normal Coronary Arterial and Venous Anatomy with High Resolution CT Angiography, Electronic Exhibit and Silver Medal Winner at the American Roentgen Ray Society Meeting 2006, Vancouver, B.C., Published Am. J. Roentgenol., Jun 2007; 188: 1665 – 1674.

Kini S., Carr C., Kini GS., Pope T., Curry N., How Helical Multidetector CT is Changing Abdominal Workups, Emergency Medicine, November 2005.

Contributing author of two case presentations for American College of Radiology's Case in Point Internet Teaching file, June and August 2005.

Kini S., Besenski N., Rumboldt Z., Budisavljevic M., Emovon O., Brain MR Abnormalities in Renal Transplant Patients, Scientific Poster for American Society of Neuroradiology 42nd Annual Meeting 2004, Seattle, Washington, Published Am. J. Neuroradiol., Oct 2005; 26: 2282 - 2289.

Kini S., Hill J., Kesslar P., Mulvihill D., Fessler C., Cerebellar Hemorrhages on Neonatal Head Ultrasound Using a New Posterior Fossa Approach, Accepted for presentation for American Roentgen Ray Society Annual Meeting 2003, San Diego, California.

Contributing author to Aunt Minnie's Atlas and Imaging-Specific Diagnosis 2nd Ed. Ultrasound and Gastrointestinal Imaging Sections.

Strack S., Kini S., Ebner F., Wadzinski B., Colbran R., Differential Cellular and Subcellular Localization of Protein Phosphatase 1 Isoforms In Brain, The Journal of Comparative Neurology, 1999, Vol. 413, Pgs. 373-384.

Professional References



Medical University of South Carolina
Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program
2001 - 2005

William Beaumont Hospital
MRI Fellowship - Neuro/Body Imaging
2005 - 2006

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Internal medicine Internship - Internal Medicine
2000 - 2001

University of South Carolina - Columbia
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Medicine
1996 - 2000

University of Virginia
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Biology
1992 - 1996

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