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The Engineers Collaborative provides expert professional consulting, engineering, and design services for industrial ventilation systems, dust collection and control systems, and vapor control systems to help protect employees' health and plant facilities. We utilize current technologies incorporating lev hoods, dust control hoods, vapor control hoods, local industrial exhaust systems, dust containment booths, dust explosion protection, and dust filtration systems.

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Link Combustible Dust: How to Safely Handle It

Combustible dusts pose a deflagration or other fire hazard when suspended in air. Deflagrations can lead to explosions. Combustible dusts are often either organic or metal dusts that are finely ground into very small particles. Types of dusts include, but are not limited to: metal dust, such as aluminum and magnesium; wood dust; plastic dust; biosolids; organic dust, such as sugar, and paper. Some industries that handle combustible dusts include: agriculture, chemicals, textiles, forest and furniture products, wastewater treatment, metal processing, paper products, pharmaceuticals, and recycling operations (metal, paper, and plastic).

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