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Assisted legal counsel on plaintiff and defense of cases related to personal protective equipment, industrial hygiene, safety, safety management policy and procedures, regulatory compliance, and exposures to diesel fume emissions, chlorinated dioxin and furans, occupational noise, asbestos, and micr

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 Performance Metrics for a Sustainable Health and Safety Program

The basic objective of a occupational and/or environmental health and safety management program is to meet regulatory requirements, protect organizational assets, provide safe and healthful working conditions for the workforce, public (community), and the environment. Most organizations have numerous external as well as internal stakeholders. Therefore, the health and safety management system must evaluate all stakeholders equally without bias.

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 Construction Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

There are so many different types of building construction performed daily throughout the world. Some constructions involve building high rise structures while others involve roadways and tunnels. Most people understand the inherent hazards and construction safety but what about the latent effects from solvent vapor and dust exposures.

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