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Infectious Diseases & Hospital Administration Consultant and Expert Witness

Thomas Anthony Cumbo, MD, FACHE

Thomas Anthony Cumbo, MD, FACHE

793 Center Street
Suite 482

Lewiston, New York 14092

Phone(716) 238-5634


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Expert Witness
Board Certified infectious diseases doctor encompassing all aspects of the specialty including inpatient, outpatient, infection control, international infectious disease and travel medicine. Vice President of Medical Affairs (Chief of Staff) at a Joint Commission accredited full-service hospital. Responsible for all aspects of physician activity from a hospital administration viewpoint. Consults on issues involving infectious disease, both domestic and international; and hospital administration, including medical staff issues.


Provides litigation support, including expert witness testimony, for attorneys on issues involving:
• Role of hospital administration with regard to actions of medical staff
• Professional misconduct reviews
• Infection control including hospital and nursing home acquired infections
• Potential exposure to infectious agents while in the hospital
• Sepsis
• Septic shock/ multiple organ system failure
• MRSA infections
• Pressure ulcers / infected wounds
• Necrotizing fasciitis and Fournier's gangrene
• Limb threatening infections: cellulitis, osteomyelitis, fasciitis, etc.
• Epidural abscess
• Endocarditis
• Operative site infections
• Foreign body-related infections
• Immunodeficiency related infections and management
• Skin issues including Stevens Johnson Syndrome
• Antibiotic toxicity / aminoglycoside toxicity

Areas of Expertise

Additional Expertise:

Hospital Acquired Infections; Healthcare Associated Infections

Consulting Practice

All States


New York State # 22664, 2002 - Present


American Board of Internal Medicine: Subspecialty of Infectious Diseases, 2005 - 2025

Seminars & Training

University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, 2003 - 2005

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Infectious Diseases

Johns Hopkins University / Sinai Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program, 2002 - 2003

Chief Medical Resident

Johns Hopkins University, 1999 - 2003

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Internal Medicine


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Cumbo TA, Braude D, Basnyat B. Rabinowitz L, Lescano A, Shah MB, Radder DJ, Gambert S.
Higher venous levels of bicarbonate anion concentration are associated with the excessive hypoxemia but not acute mountain sickness in lowland dwellers ascending to moderate altitude (4250 meters). Journal of Travel Medicine 2005 Jul-Aug; 12(4):184-9.

Dehn PF, White CM, Conners DE, Shipkey G, Cumbo TA.
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Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of invasive fungal infection in patients with cancer and neutropenia. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network 2004; 2(5):455-69.

Cumbo TA, Basynat B, Graham J, Lescano A, Gambert S.
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