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Thomas H. Milby, M.D.

149 Wilderness Way
Boise, Idaho 83716

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Thomas H. Milby, M.D. as a physician and toxicologist has provided consultation and expert testimony on issues of causation in a wide variety of toxic tort cases for more than 25 years. About 75% of his consulting experience has been for defendant and 25% for plaintiff.

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 Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS) & Irritant Induced Asthma (IIA)

RADS is referred to as New Onset Asthma. It is only seen in persons who never before had asthma. RADS is caused by inhalation of a very heavy dose of an irritating substance. RADS is not caused by allergy. RADS symptoms appear suddenly; within 24 hours of the irritant inhalation. RADS is basically a subtype of irritant induced asthma (IIA).

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