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Premise Security, Workplace Violence, White Collar Crime, Major Crime Cases
I have over thirty five years of experience in security and law enforcement. I have retained as an expert in many premise security cases where a major crime has occurred based on the adequacy of security. I have been the retained expert in murder and shooting cases, rape and serious assault, death cases including the investigation of workplace accidents resulting in a death.

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Articles Published by Thomas J. Lekan Security Consulting LLC

Link Do You Need a Security Check-up?

Do You Need a Security Checkup? Properties Magazine, October 2008 - In the days and weeks following September 11, 2001, the attention paid to the security of our buildings was intense, enormous, and even frenzied at times. It seemed there was just not enough time in the day to get every building as secure as possible. Resources, both time and money, flowed into projects designed to get every owned or managed building ready to respond to an emergency or crisis or threat.

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Link Are You at Risk?

How prepared are you to defend your premise from litigation stemming from a charge of negligent or inadequate security? Looking back on the incident, we realize it would have been far less expensive if we would have hardened our defenses in the first place. Many times it is not that we neglected to install a security or safety feature, only that we didn’t make sure it worked or was installed correctly or was still working.

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Link Can You Really Afford Low Price Security Guards?

Do you really believe the low cost bid will provide you with an effective security guard? Many organizations hire security guards because they “have to” or in order to compete for business or employees, or to make customers feel more safe. Many of them choose to have “warm bodies” demanding the lowest cost possible.

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Link Credit Union Robbery Prevention - A Review of Best Practices for Prevention and Employee Safety

The robbery of a credit union is a traumatic event no matter if it is by passing a note (note passer) or a more violent robbery like a take-over or morning glory robbery. Robbery prevention should be a priority for each credit union office. Many robberies can be prevented by following accepted best practices and adherence to proven countermeasures.

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