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Over 51 years working in the plumbing profession and working as an expert witness for over 38 years and never lost a case

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Link Out of Control Lawsuits

I have found several law firms use the so called shot gun effect when starting a litigation, blaming anyone and everyone hoping most will settle out of court. This practice has caused many large and small businesses to either close shop or have massive layoffs do to legal fees to defend these unethical actions. If these law firms were honest and really cared abut the "victims" of mesothelioma they would take much less commissions and leave more for the victims.

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Link When the Port of Authority was Allowed to Write their Own Codes

Allowing any agency such as the Port authority or USPS to ignore rules as a cost cutting measure lives are placed at risk such as the inadequate fire suppression systems in the WTC and how the post offices ignored the dangers of employees coming into contact with asbestos on the work room floors where everyone came into contact with it

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Link What Temperature Should Hot Water Be? The Legal Aspect

I am constantly asked in court "What is the ideal temperature of hot water."

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