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Mr. Alexander has examined computers and mobile devices in response to civil and criminal proceedings, computer misuse investigations, security incidents, and e-discovery requests. He has over twenty years of experience in information technology and has worked as a programmer, network engineer, IT director, and IT security director. He has multiple publications and has presented at several conferences and workshops. He was a charter member of the (California) Central Valley High Technology Crime Investigation Association.

B.S. in Information Technology, M.S. in Computer Science, M.S. in Information Security: Digital Forensics. Multiple certifications including EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Magnet Certified Forensic Examiner: AXIOM (MCFE), and CISSP.


• Computer Forensic Examinations (Windows & Mac)
• Mobile Device Examinations (iOS & Android)
• Review and Analysis of Expert Witness Findings/Reports
• Planning for cross-examination of opposing experts
• Forensic imaging and preservation of evidence
• Deleted file recovery
• Deleted record recovery
• Internet history/activity analysis (including social media)
• Analysis of network and server logs
• Analysis of database records
• Computer activity analysis
• E-discovery – Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, text messages

Primary Tools: Magnet AXIOM, GetData Forensic Explorer

Litigation Support Services

Willing to work as a testifying or non-testifying expert for the plaintiff/prosecution or the defense. Able to analyze expert reports/findings, conduct examinations to provide a second opinion, assist with wording of discovery documents, and/or recommend lines of questioning for opposing experts.

Areas of Expertise

Consulting Practice

All States.

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Professional Experience

Trace Digital Forensics, LLC (September 2015 – Present)

Director of IT Security
Kern Community College District (June 2016 – Present)

Director of Technology Services
Madera Unified School District (September 2013 – June 2016)

Manager, Online Education Systems
Merced College (September 2006 – September 2013)

Network Test Engineer
Front Porch, Sonora, CA (March 2005 - September 2006)

Merced College - Merced, CA (September 2002 - March 2005)



EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), #15-0815-6750
Magnet Certified Forensics Examiner (MCFE) – AXIOM
GIAC Security Leadership (GSLC)
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), #441200
CompTIA Security+

Legal Experience & Services

January 2016 - I submitted a report in an embezzlement case. I was able to use database records to show that a specific workstation was used to modify charges and payments associated with the theft. The defendant pleaded guilty.

December 2017 - I performed e-discovery for the defense in a medical malpractice case. Result not known.

March of 2018 - I consulted for the defense on a felony bench trial for distribution of child pornography and the information I provided was used in the cross-examination of the prosecution's expert. The defendant was acquitted.

April 2018 - I consulted for the defense on a drug-related case. The case was settled.

June 2019 - I consulted and performed a full forensic examination for the defense in a distribution of child pornography case. The case is pending.

July 2019 - I submitted a report in a personal injury case involving potentially falsified medical records. The case was settled.

July 2019 - I examined multiple devices in an arbitration involving a fraudulent wire transfer. The case was settled.

Ongoing - I have a contract with a county government to perform e-discovery in response to litigation and public records requests.


National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Investigator)
California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (Expert)
International Information System Security Certification Consortium - (ISC)²

Seminars & Training

Training Completed
• Security Leadership Essentials - SANS (2019)
• Security Operations on AWS - Amazon (2018)
• Magnet AXIOM Examination - Magnet Forensics (2017)
• First Responder Workshop – SecureWorks (2017)
• Practical Introduction to Cyber Security Risk Management – SANS (2016)
• Windows Security and Forensics – Microsoft Virtual Academy (2016)
• Advanced Internet Examinations – Guidance Software (2016)
• EnCase Examinations of the Macintosh Operating Systems - Guidance Software (2015)
• EnCase Certified Examiner Prep Course, Guidance Software (2015)
• Forensics II, Guidance Software (2015)
• Forensics I, Guidance Software (2015)
• Certified Ethical Hacker, Secure Ninja (2014)
• CISSP Review, Fishnet Security (2012)
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Webucator (2009)
• Introduction to Microsoft T-SQL, Webucator (2009)
• Ultimate Hacking Expert: Black Hat (2006)


• Threat Modeling and ATT&CK, Chief Information Systems Officers Association - March 2019
• Passwords and Threat Modeling, CCC Information Security Workshop – July 2017
• Digital Forensics Procedures and Imaging, CCC Information Security Workshop – January 2017
• Detecting and Investigating Inappropriate Behavior on the Network, CETPA 2015
• Staying Safe Online, Summer Tech 2015

• Preserving Digital Evidence. Res Ipsa Loquitur (Kern County Bar), October 2017.
• Defeating Compiler-Level Buffer Overflow Protection. ;login:, 30(3): 59-71, 2005 Jun.
• Finding Malware on Compromised Windows Machines. ;login:, 30(2): 6-10, 2005 Apr.
• The Importance of Securing Workstations. ;login:, 30(1): 23-26, 2005 Feb.
• Improving Security with Homebrew System Modifications. ;login:, 29(6): 26-32, 2004 Dec.
• Password Protection for Modern Operating Systems. ;login:, 29(3): 23-33, 2004 Jun.
• Avoiding Buffer Overflows and Related Problems. ;login:, 29(1): 14-21, 2004 Feb.

Professional References

Available on request


Master of Science in Computer Science, Capitol Technology University
With Honors

Master of Science in Information Assurance & Security, Capella University
Specialization: Digital Forensics

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Capella University
Specialization: Information Assurance and Security

Associate of Arts in General Studies, Merced College

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