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Vipul Kella, MD MBA FACEP

11808 Wood Thrush Lane
Potomac, Maryland 20854

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Dr. Vipul Kella is a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physician who has been practicing for 15 years and has served as a medical expert for 10 years. He has reviewed over 100 cases and spent over 1000 hours on case reviews and issuing reports of medical-legal findings. He holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins with an emphasis on Healthcare Administration, pursuing his interest in Standard of Care and Administration, policy and decision-making in hospitals and healthcare facilities from a business perspective.

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Articles Published by Vipul Kella, MD MBA FACEP

Link Minimizing Medicolegal Risk in the Covid and Post-Covid Era

The post-COVID could present new, unprecedented risks for healthcare providers.

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Link The Dark Side of Telemedicine

The sudden increase in demand for telemedicine services has created new opportunities for fraud and abuse.

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