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At Web Perseverance Inc, our focus is on internet marketing. We devise online strategies through website design, search engine optimization, advertising, business strategies, social media networking and search engine marketing (SEM).

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Link Web Perseverance Launches New York Attorneys’ Websites

Internet Marketing and Business Consultants Almost every business today has a need for web presence. After all, through social media, companies are merely a touch away on someone’s smart phone. Web Perseverance helps companies market themselves and remain competitive in the digital age. We can maximize your presence on the web and help you effectively reach out and drive business. Three recent websites we launched reflect the customized approach we take for each client.

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Link Online Marketing Vigilance: Closing the Door on Libel and Slander

The internet provides a medium that has opened up communication channels like no other medium in recent times.

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Link Law Firm Website Apps – Mobile Apps

In today’s digital world, a mobile device just might be an attorney’s best friend. No matter where you are, you can read email, speak with a client, check with your office or use the recording function to create a voice memo of a judge’s instructions. And that’s not all!

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Link How to Manage Your Law Firm and Lawyer Online Reputation Management

Need help with online reputation management? What’s Your Internet Image?

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Link Internet Marketing: Stay In Tune with the Times

The problem with many websites today is that they were thrown into cyberspace like a fishing line in the ocean, hoping to hook customers on the line.

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