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Involved in wildlife control since 1988. I provide insight, evaluation, and testimony regarding damage caused by wildlife. For example, was a nuisance wildlife control operator negligent in the application of his services? Were there alternative techniques available to control the problem that were

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 Bat Control Contracts

Regrettably, the wildlife control field undergoes minimal regulatory oversight from government. This means that customers must adopt a buyer-beware attitude as government has not provided even minimal standards to regulate the industry. This lack of industry oversight means that customers have to "trust" that the wildlife control operator is actually following industry practices. Unfortunately, too often wildlife control operators are not.

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 Evidence Collection for Wildlife Damage Related Cases

Tips for collecting evidence related to wildlife damage management problems and cases.

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 Wildlife Damage Management - An Introduction

Many lawyers are familiar with liability issues related to pest control companies. However, most don't know about a sister field called wildlife damage management. Wildlife damage management has significant liability issues as well but is not as familiar or understood by the public. This article details some of the key differences.

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