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WSR Consulting Group, LLC is a consulting/expert witness firm specializing in software failure expert witness work, computer/software project turnaround & failure, SDLC methodologies, e-business failure, ERP systems failure, high-tech IP matters. We provide independent expert research, discovery, analysis and testimony in large-scale computer and software failure disputes as well as expert guidance in runaway software project turnarounds. We have been designated as software failure expert witnesses internationally and in U.S.

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Articles Published by WSR Consulting Group, LLC

Link ERP Case Victory

WSR Consulting Group, LLC, (“WSRcg”) just received word that its most recent large ERP case has resulted in victory for counsel and the client-customer. For this ERP implementation arbitration, WSRcg was brought in to opine on the quality of the work performed by the implementer and the impact of the customer’s own actions on the Go-Live failure.

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Link COCOMO and the Courtroom: A Brief Case Study

Having a strong knowledge of the COCOMO II estimating model is beneficial for software planning and estimation, but it can also play a key role in the outcome of a legal dispute regarding the estimate to complete a large software system already in development. Recently, WSR Consulting Group, LLC, used COCOMO II with the project realities uncovered in discovery to determine how much time, effort and cost the Systems Integrator would need to deliver this large ERP system.

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Link CPR (Cooperative Project Recovery) - Reviving the Drowning Large-Scale IT Project (V2.0)

This article introduces my tested and proven four-tier, 13 step model which focuses on the actions that must be taken to turn around, overcome, and compensate for deficiencies in project management, methodology, technology, and people in live, ongoing projects — before you scrap the project, fire your staff, and/or move to litigation!

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