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Realmark, Inc.

Realmark, Inc.


Phone (925) 200-5032

Real Estate Expert Witness

Realmark, Inc., a full-service real estate company, offers commercial property management, residential property management, brokerage, expert witness, lease administration, project management, advisory, and more. Madeline Serafin is the CEO and president of the company.

The Simmons Group, Inc.

Culver City, California

Real Estate, Land Use, Development, and Zoning Expert Witness

Phone (310) 439-4119

The Simmons Group, Inc. offers over thirty years of experience in successful private and corporate residential and mixed-use real estate and development operations, specializing in land use, land acquisition, land development, major project entitlement, project design, development, partnership...

A&C Advisors LLC

Coral Springs, Florida

Investment Management Expert Witness

Phone (561) 948-1833

We are experts in all aspects of financial services including; hedge funds, mutual funds, equities, fixed income securities, trading, investment management, marketing of such products and services, structures of such products, brokerage and investment strategy.

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