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Michael Panish

Michael Panish

California - Serving: Nationwide and International Service with offices in California, ...

Phone (888) 902-4272

Nationwide Construction-All Trades, Door, Automatic Door, Gates, & Cabinetry Expert Witness

Mike Panish is an expert witness & consultant, specializing in all types of doors & gates, most construction trades, cabinetry, architectural millwork, woodwork, automatic door systems, door hardware, garage doors, overhead doors, revolving doors, parking arm gates. The nation's leading expert witness for any type of...

Roetter Window and Door Company, Inc.

Hayden, Idaho

Fenestration, Windows, Doors and Skylights, Expert Witness and Work Consultant

Phone (208) 704-4339

This website is primarily designed for consumers of windows, doors and skylights and for their attorneys.

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