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North East Commercial Safety Consulting (NECSC)

North East Commercial Safety Consulting (NECSC)

Pennsylvania - Serving: Nationwide - All States

Phone (570) 560-4506

Trucking & Safety Expert Witness

Tina M. Comisarek, a Trucking and Safety Expert Witness and the owner of NECSC, LLC, has been in and around transportation for nearly 44 years, starting with her family's two small businesses. She also has been a commercial driver for approximately 28 years, accumulating over 2.5 million accident-free miles.

Kenneth Nemire, Ph.D., CPE

Campbell, California

Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics Expert Witness

Phone (408) 234-6903

Kenneth Nemire, Ph.D., CPE is a forensic human factors consultant. He uses results from existing scientific research and human factors analytical techniques to determine the relative contributions to the injury incident of the person, circumstances and environment in which the incident occurred. He...

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