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Riley Welch LaPorte & Associates Forensic Laboratories

Riley Welch LaPorte & Associates Forensic Laboratories
Michigan - Serving: All States & worldwide

Phone (517) 394-1512

Forensic Documents/Ink Dating/Latent Prints/Firearms & Toolmarks/Biology & DNA Expert Witness

Riley Welch LaPorte Forensic Laboratories is an internationally recognized forensic laboratory employing a Forensic Chemist with a Masters Degree in Forensic Science, four forensic document examiners, one fingerprint specialist, one forensic firearms & tool marks examiner, one forensic biologist & DNA examiner, and in...

ForensisGroup Expert Witness Services

ForensisGroup Expert Witness Services
California - Serving: All States and International Services

Phone (626) 795-5000

Select Group of Forensic Business, Construction, Engineering, Medical, Scientific Expert Witnesses

For over 25 years, ForensisGroup has provided the nationís top law firms, insurance agencies, government entities and many other industries with highly qualified expert witnesses and consultants. Our success in placing experts in over 10,000 cases begins with our selective screening process. For our own internal...

Applied Research & Forensic Services (ARFS)

Applied Research & Forensic Services (ARFS)
California - Serving: All States

Phone (800) 738-7096

Forensic Document Examiner, Handwriting Expert Witness/ Forensic Certified Voice Stress Analyst

Applied Research & Forensic Services provides forensic analyses of business & medical charts/records involving handwriting/signature analyses, page substitution/alterations/ink & documents dating & chronology to establish genuineness or lack thereof. Criminal defense & civil litigation/fraud/forgery. F.B.I. & U. S. S....

Consolidated Consultants Co.

Consolidated Consultants Co.
California - Serving: All States, International

Phone (800) 683-9847

Free Expert Witness & Medical Expert Witness Referrals Nationwide

Consolidated Consultants, or CCc as it is widely known, is a national referral service for both the expert witness and medical expert fields. We have thousands of expert witnesses, as well as medical experts, in our directory. We are focused on providing complimentary first-rate referrals of expert witnesses and...

  • Alliance Forensics Laboratory, Inc.

    Firearms & Ballistics Expert Witness

    6058 East Lancaster Ave.
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Phone: (817) 228-6526
  • Anthony Martinez & Associates

    Civil-Criminal Trial Expert Witness Foreclosure Loan Fraud Criminal Enterprise & Gangs

    444 Brickell Avenue
    Suite 51-372
    Miami, Florida
    Phone: (305) 908-1755
  • Christopher Forensics

    Crime Scene Analysis, Fingerprint & Handwriting Identification, Event Probability Anaysis

    2900 Cranberry Hwy., #32
    East Wareham, Massachusetts
    Phone: (508) 273-7047
  • Crime Scene Specialists, Inc.

    Forensic Training and Consulting

    2198 49th Way North
    West Palm Beach, Florida
    Phone: (561) 262-3623
  • David A. Dusenbury & Associates

    Police & Security Expert Witness

    P.O. Box 90819
    Long Beach, California
    Phone: (562) 492-9554
  • FoCoSS Forensics

    Forensic Comparative Science Specialists, LLC

    P.O. Box 604
    Concord, New Hampshire
    Phone: (603) 568-2668
  • Forensic Consulting Service

    Document Examiner - Handwriting - Fingerprints

    2271 W. Malvern Avenue #117
    Fullerton, California
    Phone: (310) 556-5755
  • Forensic Consulting Services, LLC

    Criminal and Civil Forensic Science Analyst and Consultant

    5427 Saltamonte Dr.
    New Port Richey, Florida
    Phone: (727) 967-7907
  • ForensiCon, LLC

    Forensic Medicolegal Consulting and Expert Witness Services in Boynton Beach, FL

    930 Greenbriar Drive
    Boynton Beach, Florida
    Phone: (561) 945-4585
  • Ray Forensics

    Latent Print Comparisons, Processing, Testimony, and Consultation

    4516 W. Brown St.
    Glendale, Arizona
    Phone: (602) 840-3015
  • Richard F. Cross

    Bank and ATM Security Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services

    333 Kiyuga Way
    Loudon, Tennessee
    Phone: (865) 458-8946
  • Texas Forensic Investigative Consultants, Inc.

    Crime Scene Consulting, Analysis, Reconstruction and Investigation Expert Witness Services

    PO Box 42258
    Austin, Texas
    Phone: (806 )535-2539
  • The MPM Group, Inc.

    Complex Litigation Support - Investigations - Corporate Compliance & Due Diligence

    230 N. Maple Avenue, Suite B-1
    Marlton, New Jersey
    Phone: (856) 234-5512
  • Tillmann Forensic Investigations LLC

    Fingerprint Expert - Certified Latent Print Examiner

    PO Box 4373
    Covina, California
    Phone: (626) 483-0397
  • Whose Prints

    Fingerprint Recovery, Identification and Forensic Expert Witness

    457 Nathan Dean Blvd.
    Suite 105-366
    Dallas, Georgia
    Phone: (678) 363-4895

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