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LS Spencer and Associates, Inc.

St. Charles, Illinois

Forensic Handwriting Examiner and Altered Documents Expert

Phone (630) 631-1987

Handwriting Truth

Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Forgery and Personality Analysis Expert Witness

Phone (609) 304-2162

I am a trained Handwriting Analyst with the ability to recognize forgeries, examine samples for personality analysis and help with recognizing various personality traits.

Reed Hayes Handwriting Expert

Honolulu, Hawaii

Forensic Handwriting Examiner

Phone (808) 528-1112

Handwriting and Document Expert, 20+ years experience, court qualified in Hawaii, Consultant in US, England, Canada, Saipan

Advanced Document & Handwriting Examination Services, LLC

Plano, Texas

Forensic Document & Handwriting Expert

Phone (888) 213-7283

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